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BIOS Instant Notes in Plant Biology

Andrew Lack, David Evans
Publication Date:
September 08, 2005
Content Details:
370 pages

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  • About the Book

    Book Summary

    The second edition of Instant Notes in Plant Biology, has been both updated and reorganized and gives an insight into the whole of plant science, integrating structure, function and physiology. A major addition is the section on understanding plants which introduces the major techniques in plant science and shows how advances are made. Molecular techniques are used in all areas of plant science and are included throughout.


    • Gives a concise insight into the whole of plant science.
    • Has a new section on the techniques used to study plants.
    • Updated to include information from biotechnology, genome analysis, and biodiversity.


      The style of illustrations will be of value by the stressed undergraduate...this book is based entirely on excellent line drawings which would be easy for an undergraduate to remember and perhaps even reproduce...Overall, this is definitely a book I will enjoy to have around for reference and teaching purposes - New Phytologist

      The contents are comprehensive and cover all areas found in first and second year courses. Agriculture and horticulture students would find this book useful. I would recommend this book to my students - Dr Nick Smirnoff, University of Exeter

      A good book, at a very good price. Well done to the authors! - Dr Nigel Chaffey, University of Bath Spa, UK

  • Contents

    A. Introduction. B. Understanding Plants - Methods in Plant Biology.  C. Plant Cells. D. Vegetative Anatomy.  E. Plants, Water and Mineral Nutrition. F. Metabolism. G. Reproductive Biology. H. Seeds and Fruits. I. Sensing and Responding to the Environment. J. Growth and Development. K. Plant Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology. L. Plant Ecology. M. Interactions between Plants and Other Organisms. N. Human Uses of Plants. O. Algae and Bryophytes. P. Spore-bearing Vascular Plants. Q. Seed Plants.