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DNA Microarrays

Publication Date:
October 20, 2005
Content Details:
322 pages

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  • About the Book

    Book Summary

    DNA Microarrays introduces all up-to-date microarray platforms and their various applications.  It is written for scientists who are entering the field of DNA microarrays as well as those already familiar with the technology, but interested in new applications and methods.

  • Contents

    1. Introduction: DNA Microarrays – Ten Years Old, But No Old Hat  2. cDNA Microarray Analysis and Its Role in Toxicology - A Case Study  3. Gene Expression Profiling in Plants Using cDNA Microarrays  4. Identification of Gene Expression Patterns for a Molecular Diagnosis of Kidney Tumors  5. Gene Expression Analysis of Differentiating Neural Progenitor Cells – A Time Course Study  6. A Microarray-Based Screening Method for Known and Novel SNPs  7. From Gene Chips to Disease Chips – New Approach in Molecular Diagnosis of Eye Diseases  8. Multiplexed SNP Genotyping Using an Allele-Specific Primer Extension  9. Profiling the Arabidopsis Transcriptome  10. Affymetrix GeneChip Analyses – The Impact of RNA Quality  11. Molecular Karyotyping by Means of Array CGH: Linking Gene Dosage Alterations to Disease Phenotypes  12. DNA Microarrays: Analysis of Chromosomes and Their Aberrations  13. Mapping Transcription Factor Binding Sites Using ChIP Chip - General Considerations  14. ChIP-on-Chip: Searching for Novel Transcription Factor Targets  15. Turning Photons into Results: Principles of Fluorescent Microarray Scanning  16. Microarray Detection with Laser Scanning Device  17. Normalization Strategies for Microarray Data Analysis  18. Microarray Data Analysis: Differential Gene Expression  19. Clustering and Classification Methods for Gene Expression Data Analysis  20. Statistical Analysis of Microarray Time Course Data  21. Array CGH Data Analysis  22. MIAME