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Working With DNA

Publication Date:
March 15, 2007
Content Details:
410 pages

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  • About the Book

    Book Summary

    Working with DNA is a guide to the materials and methods that are used in the recombinant DNA laboratory and is designed to help the novice understand how specific laboratory techniques work, but also has sections that may stimulate the thinking of experienced researchers. It isn't a book of step-by-step protocols and recipes, but is intended to broaden and strengthen the foundation of the reader so that working with DNA becomes more natural and make them aware of the many ways that a molecular research question may be addressed.


    • Covers the fundamentals that are vital to working with DNA successfully.
    • Demystifies the processes of cloning and amplifying DNA.
    • Explains the advantages and disadvantages of using commercially available kits.
    • Contains problems and solutions.
  • Contents

    1. Understanding Recombinant DNA Techniques 2. The Recombinant DNA Laboratory 3. Solutions, Buffers, Stocks and Cocktails 4. Cloning Vectors 5. Restriction Endonucleases 6. Polymerases 7. The Polymerase Chain Reaction 8. Working with DNA: the reasons