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Measuring Gene Expression

Matthew Avison
Publication Date:
July 27, 2006
Content Details:
338 pages

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  • About the Book

    Book Summary

    In the post-genomic age, much biomedical research looks at when, where, and at what level genes are expressed. Measuring Gene Expression is an all-in-one introduction to the main methods of measuring gene expression, including RT-PCR, differential display, RNA interference, reporter genes, microarrays, and proteomics, as well as a section on RNA isolation and analysis. There is an overview of each method: its pros and cons, sample preparation, sources of error, and data interpretation.


      "This is an excellent book. I wish I had had it a few years ago for my research group. It has all the techniques in one place."

      Professor Sir Aaron Klug OM FRS
      MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology
      Cambridge, UK

  • Contents

    1. Gene Expression and its Control  2. Isolation and Analysis of RNA  3. Hybridization-based Methods for Measuring Transcript Levels  4. PCR-based Methods for Measuring Transcript Levels  5. Differential Display, Subtractive Hybridization, Amplification Suppression and SAGE Techniques for Measuring Gene Expression  6. Measuring Gene Expression Using Reporter Gene Assays  7. Analysis of the Proteome  8. Statistical Analysis of Gene Expression Data