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Protein Purification

Philip Bonner, Philip L.R. Bonner
Publication Date:
February 15, 2007
Content Details:
202 pages

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  • About the Book

    Book Summary

    Protein Purification provides a guide to the major techniques, including non-affinity absorption techniques, affinity procedures, non-absorption techniques and methods for monitoring protein purity. There is an overview of protein strategy and equipment, followed by discussions and examples of each technique and its applications.

    The basic theory and simple explanations given in Protein Purification make it an ideal handbook for final year undergraduates, and postgraduates, who are conducting research projects. It will also be a useful guide to more experienced researchers who need a good overview of the techniques and products used in protein purification.


    • Guide to the major techniques used in protein purification.
    • Includes flow charts to help the reader select the best purification strategy.
    • Contains step-by-step protocols that guide the reader through each technique and its use.
    • Includes exercises and solutions.
  • Contents

    1. Protein Purification Strategy and Equipment  2. The Groundwork  3. Non-Affinity Absorption Techniques Used to Purify Proteins  4. Affinity Procedures Used to Purify Proteins  5. Non-Absorption Techniques for Purifying Proteins  6. Methods for Monitoring the Purity of Protein Solutions  Appendix 1. The common units used in biology  Appendix 2. The answers to the exercises  Appendix 3. Single letter code for amino acids  Appendix 4. The list of suppliers