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Biology of Disease

Nessar Ahmed, Maureen Dawson, Chris Smith, Ed Wood
Publication Date:
October 26, 2006
Content Details:
610 pages

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  • About the Book

    Book Summary

    Biology of Disease describes the biology of many of the human disorders and disease that are encountered in a clinical setting. It is designed for first and second year students in biomedical science programs and will also be a highly effective reference for health science professionals as well as being valuable to students beginning medical school. Real cases are used to illustrate the importance of biology in understanding the causes of diseases, as well as in diagnosis and therapy.


      • Summarizes the biological bases of common diseases.
      • Discusses real clinical cases.
      • Each chapter starts with a list of learning objectives and ends with a short summary.
      • Case studies and end-of-chapter questions allow students to test themselves.
      • Extensively illustrated.


      "Overall, the book is an excellent introduction to the subject of pathology, disease and laboratory diagnostics, which would be ideal for undergraduate students on biomedical science and related degrees." - Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Education, 2007
  • Contents

    1. The Nature and Investigation of Diseases 
    2. Pathogens and Virulence 
    3. Infectious Diseases and Treatments 
    4. The Immune System 
    5. Disorders of the Immune System 
    6. Transfusion and Transplantation 
    7. Disorders of the Endocrine System 
    8. Disorders of Water, Electrolytes and Urate Balances 
    9. Disorders of Acid-Base Balance 
    10. Diet and Disease 
    11. Disorders of the Gastrointestinal Tract, Pancreas, Liver and Gall Bladder 
    12. Toxicology 
    13. Disorders of the Blood 
    14. Disease of the Cardiovascular System 
    15. Genetic Diseases 
    16. Membrane, Organelle and Cytoskeletal Disorders 
    17. Cancer 
    18. Ageing & Disease.
    Case Study Discussions
    Answers to Questions

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    Instructor Resources

    The Art of Biology of Disease
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    Samples & Downloads

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    Chapter 11: Disorders of the Gastrointestinal Tract, Pancreas, Liver, and Gall Bladder.