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The Art of Biology Today

Eli Minkoff, Pamela Baker
Publication Date:
February 24, 2004

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  • About the Book

    Book Summary

    Biology Today: An Issues Approach is a truly innovative introductory biology text. Designed to combine the teaching of biological concepts within the context of current societal issues, Biology Today encourages introductory biology students to think critically about the role that science plays in their world. The third edition has been revised and updated, and contains three new chapters: Genetic Engineering and Genomics, New Infectious Threats, and Protecting the Biosphere.

  • Contents

    1. Biology: Science and Ethics
    2. Genes, Chromosomes, and DNA
    3. Human Genetics
    4. Genetic Engineering and Genomics
    5. Evolution
    6. Classifying Nature
    7. Human Variation
    8. Sociobiology
    9. The Population Explosion
    10. Nutrition and Health
    11. Plants to Feed the World
    12. Stem Cells, Cell Division and Cancer
    13. The Nervous System and Senses
    14. Drugs and Addiction
    15. Mind and Body
    16. HIV and AIDS
    17. New Infectious Threats
    18. Biodiversity and Threatened Habitats
    19. Protecting the Biosphere