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Living in a Microbial World

Bruce Hofkin
Publication Date:
April 12, 2010
Content Details:
496 pages | 413 illustrations

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  • About the Book

    Book Summary

    Living in a Microbial World is a textbook written for students taking a general microbiology or microbiology-themed course for non-science majors. It teaches the essential concepts of microbiology through practical examples and a conversational writing style intended to make the material accessible to a wide audience.

    In order to make the science relevant to students, every chapter of the book contains a series of cases intended to motivate learning the microbiology concepts. The cases present microbiology in the news, in history, in literature, and in scenarios of everyday life. Each case ends with several questions intended to pique student interest, and those questions are answered in the next section of the chapter.

    By clearly and succinctly explaining the fundamentals of microbiology through practical examples, the book provides a scientific framework through which students can understand critical issues about microorganisms and disease that they will encounter throughout their lives. They will learn the role that microorganisms play not only in our health but also in ecosystem processes, our diet, industrial production, and human history. Topics that we hear about every day, from global warming to energy independence to bioterrorism, all have a microbial angle. This text is designed to provide the reader with the background needed to understand and discuss such topics with a genuine understanding rooted in science.


    • Online Glossary.
    • Online Student Flash Cards.
    • Animations and videos.


      • The conversational writing style of Living in a Microbial World makes the text accessible and enjoyable for a non-majors audience.
      • The artwork is conceptual and appealing.
      • Cases are integrated throughout the text to connect the science to the social world.
      • Concept Questions are provided at the end of each chapter to help students think carefully about what they have learned and apply that knowledge to new situations.
      • The text is streamlined to 16 chapters, and is ideal for a one-semester course.
      • Fundamental topics, such as Central Dogma and metabolism, have special introductory sections and figures to provide context to the molecular details of these processes.
      • An entire chapter is devoted to microbial evolution, and evolutionary concepts are reinforced throughout the text.
      • The immunology chapter is unique to this book, and offers a conceptual overview of the immune response, explained through a series of cases that explore what happens to different passengers exposed to the same pathogen on an airplane.
  • Contents

    1. Living in a Microbial World
    2. The Chemistry of Life
    3. The Cell: Where Life Begins
    4. A Field Guide to the Microorganisms
    5. The Microbiology of History and the History of Microbiology
    6. Microbial Genetics
    7. Metabolism and Growth
    8. Microbial Evolution: The Origin and Diversity of Life
    9. An Ecologist’s Guide to Microbiology
    10. The Nature of Disease: A Pathogen’s Perspective
    11. Host Defense
    12. Control of Microbial Growth
    13. Epidemiology: Who, What, When, Where, and Why?
    14. The Future Is Here: Microorganisms and Biotechnology
    15. Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner: Microorganisms and Food
    16. Better Living With Microorganisms: Industrial and Applied Microbiology

  • Instructor Resources

    Instructor Resources

    For the following resources, verified instructors can visit the resource page for Living in a Microbial World.

    Media Guide
    Documents that overview the media resources available for instructors and students who use Living in a Microbial World. In addition to reviewing each media item, it contains the transcripts of the voice-over narration for the movies found on the Website.

    Art of Living in a Microbial World
    Artwork available in PowerPoint and JPEG. The PowerPoint slides can be customized for your lectures.

    Movies for Download
    The movies for Living in a Microbial World are available here for download. The movies can be easily imported into PowerPoint presentations and are available in two handy formats: WMV and QuickTime. The WMV versions are suitable for importing movies into PowerPoint for Windows®. The QuickTime versions are suitable for importing the movies into PowerPoint for Macintosh.

    Contains assessment questions for Living in a Microbial World. These questions can be used for exams or personal response quizzes in the classroom.

  • Student Resources

    Student Resources

    For the following resources, students can visit the resource page for Living in a Microbial World.

    These movies will help you understand the concepts in the book. The scripts for the movies are available in PDF format.

    These quizzes will help you test your knowledge of the important concepts from each chapter of the book.

    Available for each chapter, these will help you master the key vocabulary.

    The entire glossary from the book is available online and is searchable.

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