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Biology of Aging

Roger B. McDonald
Publication Date:
July 02, 2013
Content Details:
360 pages | 241 illustrations

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  • About the Book

    Book Summary

    Biology of Aging presents the biological principles that have led to a new understanding of the causes of aging and describes how these basic principles help one to understand the human experience of biological aging, longevity, and age-related disease.  Intended for undergraduate biology students, it describes how the rate of biological aging is measured; explores the mechanisms underlying cellular aging; discusses the genetic pathways that affect longevity in various organisms; outlines the normal age-related changes and the functional decline that occurs in physiological systems over the lifespan; and considers the implications of modulating the rate of aging and longevity. The book also includes end-of-chapter discussion questions to help students assess their knowledge of the material.


      “If you are teaching or you intend to teach an undergraduate or even a graduate course on biogerontology, then this is the one to use as the text book. Unlike numerous multi-author compilations on various aspects of ageing, this single author book is perhaps the best one to come out with a great potential for becoming a highly useful and popular book....[Biology of Aging] is highly readable and the use of drawings and pictures is extensive and appropriate….I recommend it highly for its value as an introductory textbook in biogerontology.”--Biogerontology

      "It is clear that modulating aging and longevity in the upcoming years will be an important area of scientific research, and this textbook offers a sufficient framework that would be a significant resource for anyone interested in these new directions for the future." -- Yale Journal of Biology and Medicine

  • Contents

    Table of Contents

    1:  Basic Concepts in the Biology of Aging
    2: Measuring Biological Aging
    3: Evolutionary Theories of Longevity and Aging
    4: Cellular Aging
    5: Genetics of Longevity
    6: Plant Senescence
    7: Human Longevity
    8: The Physiology of Human Aging
    9: Age-Related Disease in Humans
    10: Modulating Aging and Longevity
    Appendix: Life Table Calculations


  • Instructor Resources

    Instructor Resources

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    • Question Bank
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    • Answers to end-of-chapter questions
    • Lecture Outlines in Powerpoint
    • A selection of movies

  • Student Resources

    Student Resources

    For the following resources, students can visit the resource page for Biology of Aging.

    • Answers to end-of-chapter questions
    • Online flashcards and glossary
    • A selection of movies

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