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The Art of The Immune System, Third Edition

Peter Parham
Publication Date:
January 14, 2009
Content Details:
513 illustrations

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  • About the Book

    Book Summary

    The Immune System, Third Edition is designed for use in immunology courses for undergraduate, medical, dental, and pharmacy students. This class-tested and proven textbook synthesizes the established facts of immunology into a comprehensible, coherent, and up-to-date account of how the human immune system works and the effects it has on the health and survival of individuals and populations, making generous use of medical examples to illustrate points. The reader-friendly text, full-color illustrations, and section and chapter summaries make the book accessible and easily understandable to students.

    The Third Edition is a major revision and includes two new chapters: Innate Immunity (Chapter 2) and Principles of Adaptive Immunity (Chapter 3). Former Chapter 12 has been divided into three chapters: vaccination (Chapter 14), transplantation (Chapter 15), and cancer (Chapter 16). The number of end-of-chapter questions has been expanded and now include essay, multiple choice, and case study (USMLE-format) questions with answers provided at the end of the book. The Immune System is adapted from Immunobiology by Janeway, Travers, and Walport.


    • The third edition represents a major revision over the second edition in its expanded coverage of innate and adaptive immunity and the discussion of these mechanisms at the beginning of the book.
    • Includes two new chapters: Innate Immunity (Chapter 2) and Principles of Adaptive Immunity (Chapter 3).
    • The book is at an appropriate level and depth for undergraduate and graduate students as well as medical, dental, pharmacy, nursing, and veterinary students.
    • Emphasizes the human immune system and effectively links immunological principles and concepts to human health and disease via medical examples.
    • Provides a current understanding of how the immune system works via discussion of the cells and molecules of the immune system, the inadequacies of the immune system, and the manipulation of the immune system to improve human health.
    • Single-authored book written in a consistent and reader-friendly narrative style that assumes no prior knowledge of immunology.
    • Includes highly visual figures that complement the content and clarify concepts.
    • Includes an extensive set of questions (essay-style, multiple choice, and USMLE-format) in the book and Question Bank.
  • Contents

    1. Elements of the Immune System and Their Roles in Defense

    2. Innate Immunity

    3. Principles of Adaptive Immunity

    4. Antibody Structure and the Generation of B-Cell Diversity

    5. Antigen Recognition by T Lymphocytes

    6. The Development of B Lymphocytes

    7. The Development of T Lymphocytes

    8. T Cell-Mediated Immunity

    9. Immunity Mediated by B Cells and Antibodies

    10. The Body’s Defenses Against Infection

    11. Failures of the Body’s Defenses

    12. Over-reactions of the Immune System

    13. Disruption of Healthy Tissue by the Immune Response

    14. Prevention of Infectious Disease by Vaccination

    15. Transplantation of Tissues and Organs

    16. Cancer and its Interaction with the Immune System