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How Proteins Work

Mike Williamson
Publication Date:
July 20, 2011
Content Details:
464 pages | 537 illustrations

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  • About the Book

    Book Summary

    How Proteins Work is an up-to-date and authoritative account of protein function in living systems, explained within the governing parameters of physics, chemistry, and evolution. This text will enable advanced undergraduate students in biochemistry and biophysics to understand the relationships among protein function, structure, and dynamics. It will also serve as a valuable resource for graduate students and researchers looking for a reference on the fundamentals underlying protein function.

    By providing an integrated view of proteins at both a cellular and systemic level, this textbook shows how evolution drives proteins to adopt domain structures that combine to achieve biological outcomes. The association of proteins into dimers, molecular machines, and multi-enzymatic complexes enables them to achieve catalytic and functional efficiency.


      "I think this is a really nice book that offers an alternative perspective on protein structure and function for biochemistry students..."
      Timothy Bugg, Chemistry World

  • Contents


    1. Protein Structure and Evolution
    2. Protein Domains
    3. Oligomers
    4. Protein Interactions in vivo
    5. How Enzymes Work
    6. Protein Flexibility and Dynamics
    7. How Proteins Make Things Move
    8. How Proteins Transmit Signals
    9. Protein Complexes: Molecular Machines
    10. Multi-Enzyme Complexes
    11. Techniques for Studying Proteins

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    Student Resources

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