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Field Methods in Marine Science

From Measurements to Models

Scott Milroy
Publication Date:
October 30, 2015
Content Details:
288 pages

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  • About the Book

    Book Summary

    Field Methods in Marine Science: From Measurements to Models is an authoritative guide of the methods most appropriate for field research within the marine sciences, from experimental design to data analysis. Written for upper-level undergraduate and graduate students as well as early-career researchers, this textbook also serves as an accessible introduction to the concepts and practice of modeling marine system dynamics. This textbook trains the next generation of field scientists to move beyond the classic methods of data collection and statistical analysis to contemporary methods of numerical modeling; to pursue the assimilation and synthesis of information, not the mere recording of data. Boxes and side bars highlight important questions, interesting facts, relevant examples, and research techniques that supplement the text.  Students and researchers alike will find the thorough appendices useful as a way of expanding comprehension of fundamental concepts. 
  • Contents

    Unit 1 First Principles
    Chapter 1: The Foundations of Scientific Inquiry
    Chapter 2: Introduction to Statistical Inference

    Unit 2 Methods of Data Acquisition
    Chapter 3: Experimental Design
    Chapter 4: Oceanographic Variables
    Chapter 5: Common Hydrologic Census Methods
    Chapter 6: Census Methods for Benthic Organisms
    Chapter 7: Census Methods for Pelagic Organisms

    Unit 3 Methods of Data Analysis
    Chapter 8: Introduction to Univariate Analysis
    Chapter 9: Introduction to Multivariate Analysis

    Unit 4 Methods of Data Assimilation (Modeling)
    Chapter 10: Fundamental Concepts in Modeling
    Chapter 11: Model Structure
    Chapter 12: Modeling Simple Dynamics
    Chapter 13: Modeling Complex Dynamics
    Chapter 14: Modeling Large System Dynamics

    Appendix A Symbols and Abbreviations
    Appendix B Numerical Constants and Equivalents for Common Units of Measure
    Appendix C Common Algorithms for the Estimation of Important Water Properties
    Appendix D Exercises in Unit Conversion
    Appendix E Oceanographic Sampling Equipment
    Appendix F Compendium of Routine Oceanographic Methodologies


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    Art of Field Methods in Marine Science
    The images from the book are available in two convenient formats: PowerPoint® and JPEG.

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