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An Illustrated Outline

David Male
Publication Date:
July 30, 2013
Content Details:
146 pages

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  • About the Book

    Book Summary

    Immunology: An Illustrated Outline is both a review guide to the essential principles of immunology and a concise dictionary of immunological terms. It can be used as a review tool in preparation for course exams and medical licensing exams, or as a refresher when this content is encountered in related life science areas, such as microbiology and virology. The book also enables readers to look up specific terms in the index and locate the definitions, making it a powerful reference for interns, residents, and physicians in clinical practice.


      • Provides a concise review of the essential principles of immunology.
      • Enables quick access to important immunological terms and concepts with clear and straightforward explanations.
      • Full color illustrations visually reinforce the succinct text.   
      • Organized into five sections that represent the major topics in immunology.
      • Ideal for review for students with a limited prior knowledge of immunology.


      “The interspersion of both photographs and cartoon images brings significant clarity to the subject. Material is timely, with such subjects as cytokine and chemokine regulation of cell development, often a confusing topic for those less interested in the molecular regulation of cell function, explained in a clear manner…a well-written, colorful synopsis of immunology for anyone with some knowledge of the subject. The guide would serve as an excellent supplement for an immunology course.”--CHOICE

      "This book is very successful at providing the necessary information that enables the reader to glean a conceptual understanding of whatever aspect of immunology they choose to learn." --Yale Journal of Biology and Medicine

  • Contents

    1. The Immune System
    2. Immune Recognition
    3. Immune Responses
    4. Immunopathology
    5. Immunological Techniques