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Introducing Genetics

From Mendel to Molecules

Alison Thomas
Publication Date:
December 18, 2014
Content Details:
262 pages

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  • About the Book

    Book Summary

    The new edition of Introducing Genetics is a clear, concise, and accessible guide to inheritance and variation in individuals and populations. It first establishes the principles of Mendelian inheritance and the nature of chromosomes, before tackling quantitative and population genetics. The final three chapters introduce the molecular mechanisms that underlie genetics, including the techniques responsible for the current genetic revolution.

    As genetics affects all living organisms, examples are taken from insects, plants, animals, and humans. Each chapter ends with a set of problems to help the reader develop their understanding of genetics.


      • Concise and easy to read
      • Examples taken from the whole of biology
      • End of chapter summaries
      • Boxes with extra information
      • End of chapter problems and solutions


      "...the second edition of Introducing Genetics by Alison Thomas is essential reading...written and assembled to appeal to the undergraduate as introductory modules...images and figures abound and are well annotated and conveniently there is an excellent glossary abutted by an exhaustive index...Making genetics fun is not an easy task however the author has succeeded here...Introducing Genetics is great value for money and should be stocked in all academic libraries…"

      The Biochemist, April 2015


      "... the book is presented in a succinct and coherent manner, rendering it a superb resource for all who are interested in discovering the world of genetics....throughout, the author effectively uses figures in order to complement explanations, helping the reader to visualise and grasp complex concepts…Introducing Genetics is a great book to provide a broad background basis in genetics for anybody with little or no knowledge of the field. It is easy to read and structured in a clear and logical manner....I would certainly recommend this book for students and health professionals alike, where an understanding of genetics would be of great relevance…"

      Journal of Human Genetics, July 2015

  • Contents

    1. Introduction
    2. Monohybrid Inheritance
    3. Extensions to Monohybrid Inheritance
    4. Dihybrid Inheritance
    5. The Chromosomal Basis of Inheritance
    6. Sex Determination and Sex Linkage
    7. Linkage and Chromosome Mapping
    8. Variation in Chromosomal Number and Structure
    9. The Principles of Quantitative Genetics
    10. An Introduction to Population Genetics
    11. Heredity at the Molecular Level
    12. From Genes to Proteins
    13. Manipulating DNA
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    Instructor Resources

    Art of the Introducing Genetics, Second Edition

    The images from the book are available in two convenient formats: PowerPoint and JPEG.

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