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Living in a Microbial World

Bruce Hofkin
Publication Date:
March 03, 2017
Content Details:
472 pages | 428 illustrations

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  • About the Book

    Book Summary

    Please note this version is for instructors only; students and bookstores should purchase 9780815346102.

    As with the first edition, this new edition of Living in a Microbial World is written for students taking a general microbiology course, or a microbiology-based course for non-science majors. The conversational style and use of practical, everyday examples make the essential concepts of microbiology accessible to a wide audience. While using this approach, the text maintains scientific rigor with clear explanations spanning the breadth of microbiology, including health, evolution, ecology, food production, biotechnology, and industrial processes.

    Each chapter contains a series of case studies based on microbiology in the news, in history, and in literature. There are questions at the end of each case study and the end of each chapter, as well as an online quiz with help on answering the questions. The text, questions, and cases have been updated to reflect the changing influence of microbiology in the world today, from the microbiome, to new disease outbreaks (Ebola and Zika) and antibiotic resistance, to new biotechnology tools (CRISPR-Cas).

    Living in a Microbial World, Second Edition is additionally supported by the Garland Science Learning System. This homework platform is designed to evaluate and improve student performance and allows instructors to select assignments on specific topics and review the performance of the entire class, as well as individual students, via the instructor dashboard. Students receive immediate feedback on their mastery of the topics, and will be better prepared for lectures and classroom discussions. The user-friendly system provides a convenient way to engage students while assessing progress. Performance data can be used to tailor classroom discussion, activities, and lectures to address students’ needs precisely and efficiently. For more information and sample material, visit

    Living in a Microbial World, Second Edition comes with a full range of supplements:

    • The Garland Science Learning System
    • Images available in PowerPoint and JPEG
    • Testbank
    • Online quiz with answers and feedback
    • Extra modules
    • Help answering the end-of-chapter questions
    • Animations
    • Media guide
    • Online glossary


      • Clear and simple explanations using everyday examples
      • Concise, yet rigorous, and ideal for a one semester course
      • Cases throughout the text integrate microbiology into the outside world
      • End-of-chapter questions and on online multiple choice quiz
      • Updated to reflect the influence of microbiology on the world today
  • Contents

    1. Living in a Microbial World
    2. The Chemistry of Life
    3. The Cell: Where Life Begins
    4. A Field Guide to the Microorganisms
    5. Life’s Grey Zone: Viruses and Prions
    6. The Microbiology of History and the History of Microbiology
    7. Microbial Genetics
    8. Metabolism and Growth
    9. Microbial Evolution: The Origin and Diversity of Life
    10. A Microbiologist’s Guide to Ecology
    11. The Nature of the Disease: A Pathogen’s Perspective
    12. The Nature of Disease (part 2): Host Defense
    13. Control of Microbial Growth
    14. Epidemiology: Who, What, When, Where, and Why?
    15. The Future Is Here: Microorganisms and Biotechnology
    16. Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner: Microorganisms and Food
    17. Better Living with Microorganisms: Industrial and Applied Microbiology
  • Instructor Resources

    Instructor Resources

    Garland Science Learning System

    The Garland Science Learning System offers high-quality homework and assessment content designed to complement our textbooks. It provides convenient tools for instructors to track the progress of the entire class, as well as individual students, and more precisely tailor lecture and discussion to student needs. Living in a Microbial World, Second Edition features 17 tutorial modules (one for each chapter) that explore select microbiology topics in an engaging way and 24 movie modules that help to illuminate molecular processes and reinforce basic concepts. The quiz modules consist of multiple-choice questions that cover a broad range of microbiology topics with feedback to explain the answers. Hints to the end-of-chapter concept questions found in the book help guide students to the correct answer. The vocabulary review modules list key terms for each chapter and allow students to reveal information at their own pace. All materials were created by Bruce Hofkin.

    To sign up for the Garland Science Learning System, visit and register

    Garland Science Instructor Resource site

    JPEGs and PowerPoints of all images

    24 animations

    Test Bank

  • Student Resources

    Student Resources

    Garland Science Learning System

    Your instructor will give you a url enrolment link for your course (or you can use the material independently through Available are:

    • 17 tutorial modules (one for each chapter) that explore select microbiology topics
    • 24 movie modules that help to illuminate molecular processes and reinforce basic concepts
    • Quiz modules with multiple-choice questions and feedback to explain the answers
    • Vocabulary review modules for help with important terminology
    • Hints to help you answer the end-of-chapter questions

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