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Medicinal Chemistry

Norma K Dunlap, Donna M Huryn
Publication Date:
December 01, 2017
Content Details:
375 pages

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  • About the Book

    Book Summary

    Medicinal Chemistry begins with the history of the field, starting from the serendipitous use of plant preparations to current practice of design- and target-based screening methods. Written from the perspective of practicing medicinal chemists, the text covers key drug discovery activities such as pharmacokinetics and patenting, as well as the classes and structures of drug targets (receptors, enzymes, nucleic acids, and protein-protein and lipid interactions) with numerous examples of drugs acting at each type. Selected therapeutic areas include drugs to treat cancer, infectious diseases, and central nervous system disorders. Throughout the book, historical and current examples illustrate the progress to market and case studies explore the applications of concepts discussed in the text. Each chapter features a Journal Club, as well as review and application questions to enhance and test comprehension. This textbook is ideal for upper-level undergraduates and graduate students taking a one-semester survey course on medicinal chemistry and/or drug discovery, as well as scientists entering the pharmaceutical industry.


      • Authored by practicing medicinal chemists—melding real-world research experience with basic concepts and up-to-date methods
      • Flexible in presentation— the first five chapters provide a conceptual foundation and historical understanding of the field; subsequent chapters explore the application of concepts. Chapters can be assigned in order of instructor preference and desired emphasis
      • Presents easy-to-follow tables and descriptions of assays next to their relevance to medicinal chemistry and drug discovery, along with target values—information rarely found all in one place, but is a crucial reference
      • Case studies and Journal Club use current literature to apply concepts from the text to real-life examples. They are also suitable for flipped classrooms and self-study
  • Contents

    PART I: Drug Discovery and Development

    1. Historical Perspective and Overview of Drug Discovery

    2. Drug discovery: Hit and Lead Discovery

    3. Drug Discovery: Optimization of Lead Properties

    PART II: Classes of Drug Targets

    4. Medicinal Chemistry Strategies Used in Lead Optimization

    5. The Process of Developing a Drug from an Optimized Lead

    6. Receptors as Drug Targets

    7. Enzymes as Drug Targets

    8. Protein-Protein Interactions and Lipids as Drug Targets

    9. DNA and RNA as Drug Targets

    PART III: Selected Therapeutic Areas

    10. Anti-Cancer Drugs

    11. Infectious Diseases I: Antiviral and Antifungal Drugs

    12. Infectious Diseases II: Antibacterial and Antiparasitic Drugs

    13. Drugs Acting on the CNS