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Clinical Chemistry

David White, Nigel Lawson, Paul Masters, Daniel McLaughlin
Publication Date:
September 09, 2016
Content Details:
592 pages | 308 illustrations

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  • About the Book

    Book Summary

    Clinical Chemistry is a comprehensive textbook covering the area of medical science variously known as chemical pathology, clinical chemistry, medical biochemistry and clinical biochemistry. The biochemical processes and physiological interrelationships, of tissues, organs and molecules are discussed in the context of disease processes and related to the diagnosis, monitoring, and management of disease. Also included are analytical processes, such as immunoassay, and how these relate to clinical practice. Although the emphasis of this book is clinical biochemistry, some chapters include sections on haematology, radiology and microbiology where this helps in the understanding of disease processes. The increasing use of the techniques of molecular biology and genetics in the investigation of disease is acknowledged also by appropriate inclusion of these disciplines in a number of chapters. Standard International (SI) units of measurement are used throughout, but for tests where non-SI units are in common use as well as SI units both sets of units are quoted.


    • Three types of chapter to fit the content: body system (e.g. kidney, liver), analyte (e.g. glucose, sodium), multi-disciplinary (e.g. acutely ill patient, pregnancy)
    • Standard reference ranges for all major tests provided in SI units and conventional units
    • Case studies giving the patient's history, the tests performed, a table of realuts, questions that need to be considered given the results, and an explanation of how the correct diagnosis is achieved
    • Clinical and analytical practice points highlight important issues to be considered when analyzing samples or patients
    • Extensive abbreviations list
  • Contents

    1. Laboratory Medicine—An Introduction
    2. Glucose
    3. Liver
    4. Kidney
    5. Sodium and Water
    6. Potassium
    7. Acid—Base Disorders
    8. Hypertension
    9. Calcium, Magnesium, and Phosphate
    10. Iron
    11. Endocrine Tissues
    12. Pregnancy
    13. Muscle
    14. Gastrointestinal Tract
    15. Cerebrospinal Fluid and the Nervous System
    16. Heme Biosynthesis and Porphyrias
    17. Uric Acid and Purine Metabolism
    18. Plasma Lipids and Lipoproteins
    19. Disorders of Immunoglobulins and Complement
    20. Tumor Markers
    21. Therapeutic Drug Monitoring
    22. Poisons and Drugs Of Abuse
    23. Inborn Errors of Metabolism
    24. Vitamins, Essential Fatty Acids, and Trace Elements
    25. Clinical Chemistry in the Acutely Ill Patient

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