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Lyle Armstrong
Publication Date:
November 25, 2013
Content Details:
300 pages | 122 illustrations

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  • About the Book

    Book Summary

    The concept of epigenetics has been known about since the 1940s, but it is only in the last 10 years that research has shown just how wide ranging its effects are. It is now a very widely-used term, but there is still a lot of confusion surrounding what it actually is and does.

    Epigenetics is a new textbook that brings together the structure and machinery of epigenetic modification, how epigenetic modification controls cellular functions, and the evidence for the relationship between epigenetics and disease. It is a valuable source of information about all aspects of the subject for undergraduate students, graduate students, and professionals.



      Topics Include:
      • The two forms of epigenetic modification, DNA methylation and histone acetylation, and how they take place.
      • How epigenetics controls cell function, including cellular differentiation and the role of epigenetics in stem cells.
      • The role of epigenetics in disease, including cancer and mental health, where there is clear evidence of epigenetic involvement.


      "The author has made a very thorough presentation of several areas within the field of epigenetics. The material has been presented in a comprehensive, well-organized and understandable manner. He allows the reader to gain a strong foundation of each subject area by including detailed introductory sections. The coverage of the topics will allow the reader to obtain both general knowledge and also more detailed understanding of the regulating mechanisms involved in epigenetic changes and the consequences of those changes. The content is also relevant to current trends in the field of epigenetics and includes reviews of disease states related to epigenetics, such as cancer, which are actively being researched."

      - WhatIsEpigenetics

  • Contents

    Chapter 1.  Introduction to the Study of Epigenetics
    Chapter 2. The Basis of the Transcription Process
    Chapter 3.  DNA Packaging and Chromatin Architecture
    Chapter 4.  Modifying the Structure of Chromatin
    Chapter 5.  DNA Methylation
    Chapter 6.  Post-Translational Modification of Histones
    Chapter 7.  Histone Modification Machinery
    Chapter 8.  Locus-Specific Control of Histone-Modifying Enzyme Action
    Chapter 9.  Epigenetic Control of Cell-Specific Gene Expression
    Chapter 10.  Epigenetic Control of the Mitotic Cell Cycle
    Chapter 11. The Epigenetic Basis of Gene Imprinting
    Chapter 12.  Epigenetic Control of Cellular Differentiation
    Chapter 13.  Reversibility of Epigenetic Modification Patterns
    Chapter 14.  Epigenetic Predisposition to Disease and Imprinting-Based Disorders
    Chapter 15.  Epigenetics of Memory, Neurodegeneration, and Mental Health
    Chapter 16.  Epigenetics of Cancer
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