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Gene Control

David Latchman
Publication Date:
January 21, 2010
Content Details:
448 pages | 638 illustrations

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  • About the Book

    Book Summary

    Gene Control offers a current description of how gene expression is controlled in eukaryotes, reviewing and summarizing the extensive primary literature into an easily accessible format.  Gene Control is a comprehensively restructured and expanded edition of Latchman’s Gene Regulation: A Eukaryotic Perspective, Fifth Edition.

    The first part of the book deals with the fundamental processes of gene control at the levels of chromatin structure, transcription, and post-transcriptional processes. Three pairs of chapters deal with each of these aspects, first describing the basic process itself, followed by the manner in which it is involved in controlling gene expression. 

    The second part of the book deals with the role of gene control in specific biological processes. Certain chapters deal with the importance of gene control in cellular signaling processes and for normal development of the embryo. Another chapter discusses the key roles played by gene-regulatory processes in the specification of differentiated cell types such as muscle cells and neurons.

    The final chapters discuss the consequences of errors in gene control; the relationship between gene misregulation and human diseases, especially cancer; and potential therapies designed specifically to target particular levels of gene control.

    Gene Control will be of value to students in biological sciences, as well as to scientists and clinicians interested in how genes are regulated in health and disease.


      • Presents a concise and current overview of a diverse and essential subject.
      • Comprehensively restructured and expanded edition of Latchman’s Gene Regulation:  A Eukaryotic Perspective, Fifth Edition.
      • Contains methods boxes to provide a practical insight to the theory.
      • Beautifully illustrated in full color, with over 50 photographs.
  • Contents

    1. Levels of Gene Control
    2. Structure of Chromatin
    3. Role of Chromatin Structure in Gene Control
    4. The Process of Transcription
    5. Transcription Factors and Transcriptional Control
    6. Post-transcriptional Processes
    7. Post-transcriptional Regulation
    8. Gene Control and Cellular Signaling Pathways
    9. Gene Control in Embryonic Development
    10. Control of Cell-type-specific Gene Expression
    11. Gene Regulation and Cancer
    12. Gene Regulation and Human Disease
    13. Conclusions and Future Prospects
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    Instructor Resources

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    The Art of Gene Control
    Artwork available in JPEG and PowerPoint formats.

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