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Marine Microbiology

Ecology & Applications

Colin Munn
Publication Date:
April 01, 2011
Content Details:
374 pages

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  • About the Book

    Book Summary

    Marine Microbiology brings together microbial biology and ecology to create an integrated approach that addresses environmental management, human health, and economic concerns. The Second Edition takes into account many new discoveries in the field including the role of microbes in ocean processes and nutrient cycles, the importance of viruses, the beneficial role of marine microbes in biotechnology, biofuels, metagenomics and synthetic biology, and new research on the impact of climate change and ocean acidification.

    The first three sections review the main features of the marine environment and key aspects of marine microbial life; the second section examines the role of marine microorganisms in ecology; and the final section considers some of the applications of this knowledge in areas such as disease and biodegradation.

    Marine Microbiology is ideally suited for upper level undergraduate and graduate students, and researchers.


      • Provides an understanding of microbial biology and ecology with consideration of the applications for environmental management, human welfare, health, and economic activity in the marine environment.
      • Comprehensively updated throughout with new features, format, and layout.
      • Includes new ‘Research Focus’ boxes which explore in detail topical areas of investigation.
      • Integrates ‘Information’ boxes and ‘Question’ boxes throughout the text which encourages the reader to think about an important issue where knowledge is incomplete or there are differences of opinion.


      "I think this is an excellent book and it seems to me that this second edition will be even better, since it includes remarkable improvements" - Dr. Josefa Antón, University of Alicante, Spain

      "I really like the way that the book gives the students a bit of information on a lot of current topics without getting too detailed and then gives them the focus boxes and references to follow up on topics that interest them." - Dr. Diane McDougald, University of New South Wales, Australia

      " is about as perfect as any text could get." - Associate Professor Leigh Owens, James Cook University, Australia

      "I like the proposed structure and the contents of the chapters, the book will cover a wide range of topics. Looking forward to seeing it." - Dr. Hendrik Schäfer, University of Warwick, UK

      "The 2nd edition of the book appears to contain all of the most important themes in contemporary marine microbiology." - Dr. Mike Taylor, University of Auckland, New Zealand

      "...does a fine job of introducing concepts and terms, developing complexity, and equipping learners to gain more information in the field of marine microbial ecology. Munn also balances comprehensive information about this highly diverse system while gathering together central themes throughout this text...Marine Microbiology is an excellent choice for educators looking for a current introduction to this field." - Journal of Microbiology and Biology Education

      "In his ambitious undertaking, Munn provides a very readable and current review of this dynamic field.... Chapters are nicely organized with an introductory paragraph followed by a key concept summary, excellent figures and images, clear tables, and interspersed throughout are interesting facts and important questions highlighted in boxes along margins as well as an occasional research focus box.... Munn explains complex processes and concepts with great clarity and precision.”
      - The Quarterly Review of Biology


  • Contents

    1. Microbes in the Marine Environment
    2. Methods in Marine Microbiology
    3. Metabolic Diversity and Ecophysiology
    4. Marine Bacteria
    5. Marine Archaea
    6. Marine Eukaryotic Microbes
    7. Marine Viruses
    8. Ocean Processes – Marine Microbes and the Carbon Cycle
    9. Nutrient Cycles – Nitrogen, Sulphur and Phosphorus
    10. Symbiotic Associations
    11. Microbial Diseases of Marine Organisms
    12. Marine Microbes as Agents of Human Disease
    13. Microbial Aspects of Marine Biofouling, Biodeterioration and Pollution
    14. Marine Microbes and Biotechnology

  • Instructor Resources

    Instructor Resources

    For the following resources verified instructors can visit the resource page for Marine Microbiology.

    The Art of Marine Microbiology
    Artwork is available in PowerPoint and JPEG formats.


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