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Scientific Journals

Issues in Library Selection and Management

Paul Hucal, Tony Stankus
Publication Date:
December 01, 1987
Content Details:
218 pages

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  • About the Book

    Book Summary

    In the first anthology of this kind, Tony Stankus knowledgeably brings together from a variety of sources the major issues involved in the collection of scientific journals. Science librarians, serials librarians, and acquisitions librarians--faced with the difficult task of selecting and de-selecting expensive scientific journals in the face of enormous faculty and budgetary pressures--need this valuable volume that focuses on the collection management process. If they are willing to examine the literature, librarians can learn to anticipate, teach, and control faculty demands for periodicals.

    Tony Stankus, a nationally published specialist in the field, working from the premise that scientists tend to know much more about their subject than about their journals, examines the rationale for journal choices, journals and tenure, journals and budgeting, and the elements of a good journal. He shows librarians how to penetrate the internal structure of some imposing technical literatures in a way that can help them make responsible collection management decisions that even their science clientele will respect.
  • Contents

    Contents Introduction
    • The Life-Long Affair: Scientific Careers and Science Journals
    • The Serials Librarian as a Shaper of Scholars and Scholarship
    • Negotiating Journal Demands With Young Scientists Using Lists Derived From Thesis Advisor Records
    • New Specialized Journals, Mature Scientists, and Shifting Loyalties
    • Journal Weeding in Relation to Declining Faculty Member Publishing
    • The Role of Language and Cultural Forces in Shaping Journals and Their Uses
    • English Language Trends in German Basic Science Journals: A Potential Collection Tool
    • American Authors in Foreign Science Journals: Reviewing the Range of Initial Attitudes and Adjusting Library Investment to Client Experiences
    • The Americanization of Journal Loyalties of Foreign-Born, Foreign-Trained Scientists and Physicians Who Emigrate to the United States
    • What Journals Tell Us About the Fields They Cover
    • Collection Development: Journals for Biochemists
    • Journals for Anatomists in Medical Versus Nonmedical Biological Research Institutions
    • Selecting Multispecialty Mathematics Research Journals via Their Underlying Subject Emphases
    • Perennial Discussions Involving Journals
    • Looking for Tutors and Brokers: Comparing the Expectations of Book and Journal Evaluators
    • Handle With Care: Use and Citation Data for Science Journal Management
    • Publication Quality Indicators for Tenure or Promotion Decisions: What Can the Librarian Ethically Report?
    • One Researcher, One Journal, One Research Paper: Workable Budgeting Schemes at the Science Departmental Level
    • Index