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DNA Amplification

Current Technologies and Applications

Vadim V. Demidov, Natalie E. Broude
Publication Date:
May 20, 2004
Content Details:
350 pages

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  • About the Book

    Book Summary

    Whereas most books on DNA amplification focus on PCR-based technologies, this volume presents a wider range of methods to amplify DNA with an emphasis on their diverse applications. The book covers both well-established and newly-developed protocols including ligation-based thermocycling approaches, real-time PCR and other new PCR developments, plus several powerful non-PCR isothermal DNA amplification techniques, for example: real-time strand displacement amplification (SDA), rolling-circle amplification (RCA) and multiple-displacement amplification (MDA).
    An entire section is devoted to a group of enzymes, both natural and engineered, which are employed for DNA amplification and related purposes. In addition, the use of DNA amplification in the detection of non-DNA analytes is presented.


      I ... find it extremely fascinating. I will certainly use it in one of my biophysics/biochemistry courses. - Bengt Nolting, Prussian Private Institute of Technology, Berlin

      Must be a great book! I will buy it as soon as it becomes available. Good book is worth any money. - Igor Kutyavin, Research Fellow, Epoch Pharmaceuticals Inc.

      DNA Amplification is a compendium of articles edited by Vadim Demidov and Natalia Broude, including two articles by the editors. The book stands out from the field of similar offerings by virtue of including chapters covering novel and cutting-edge PCR-based methods along with up and coming non-PCR amplification techniques. Readers looking for ideas on how to address research questions where more 'traditional' approaches have not proven quite satisfactory will find this an excellent and informative survey of new thinking. Moreover, explicit methods sections are provided by most authors so readers can readily implement ideas generated by the book. Overall, the book is an engaging and worthwhile read. - David J. Lane Ph.D., Vice President R and D, Hamilton Thorne Biosciences

      This book will be a good addition to the library of researchers in molecular biology or to molecular diagnostics laboratories planning to expand their horizon beyond PCR amplification techniques. - Robert F. Massung, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

  • Contents

    Section 1. Enzymes Used in DNA Amplification Section 2. Thermocycling Methods of DNA Amplification Section 3. Isothermal Methods of DNA Amplification Section 4. DNA Amplification in Detection of non-DNA Analytes