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Fundamentals of Biochemical Calculations, Second Edition

Krish Moorthy
Publication Date:
November 30, 2007
Content Details:
192 pages

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  • About the Book

    Book Summary

    Fundamentals of Biochemical Calculations, Second Edition demystifies the fundamental calculations used in modern biochemistry, cell biology, and allied biomedical sciences. The book encouragesbothundergraduates and scientists to develop an understanding of the processes involved in performing biochemical calculations, rather than rely on memorized formulae.

    Detailed calculation steps, useful comments, and mathematical hints enhance solved problems throughout...

    Encouraging the use of the Ratio Method, the author draws attention to its applicability to a wide variety of biochemistry problems with logical consistency and intuitive ease. This entirely revised and updated second edition introduces three new chapters with coverage of laboratory-oriented calculations and data presentation, calculations relating to the emerging techniques in DNA and molecular biology, and applying the Ratio Method to pharmaceutical calculations.

    New edition adds questions and extra tips in every chapter to help students perform biochemical calculations on their own!

    By strengthening their understanding of mathematical logic and problem solving skills, Fundamentals of Biochemical Calculations, Second Edition enables students and biochemists to explore a wider range of real-world applications with the ability to tackle increasingly complex problems in biochemistry and related fields.  


    • Reinforces students’ understanding of fundamental concepts in chemistry/biochemistry, quantitative methods, mathematics, reasoning skills, and scientific report writing
    • Employs a user-friendly style and ground-up approach, reflecting the author’s own teaching experience of over three decades
    • Presents new chapters on calculations related to biochemistry laboratory work, emerging techniques in molecular biology, and pharmacy
    • Contains over 300 solved problems enhanced with step-by-step calculations, helpful comments, and mathematical hints


      "Overall, I would recommend that this book be given a home on your bookshelf if you teach or study biochemistry. Fundamentals of Biochemical Calculations will assist students in being able to master the calculations necessary to perform well in the practical or research laboratory, be in correctly preparing solutions or being able to determine correct enzyme kinetic data. The book achieves this goal by strengthening the reader’s understanding of mathematical logic and problem solving skills, as the contents are set out in a logical, easy to read manner."

      – Terrence Piva, School of Medical Sciences, RMIT University, in Australian Biochemist, August 2008, Vol. 39, No. 2

      "I am confident that this book will become a useful reference book on biochemical calculations for many specialists working in the field of biochemistry."

      – G. Ya. Wiederschain, in Biochemistry (Moscow), 2008, Vol. 73, No. 4


  • Contents

    Units and Amounts
    Preparation of Solutions and Dilutions
    Relative Molecular Mass and Stoichiometry
    Acids, Bases, and Buffers
    Enzyme Amounts
    Enzyme Kinetics
    Colorimetry and Spectrophotometry
    Lipid Analysis
    Tissue and Fluid Content
    Practical Calculations
    DNA and Molecular Biology
    Pharmaceutical Calculations
    Appendix 1: Units and Their Conversions 
    Suggested Reading and Bibliography  Index