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Sexually Transmitted Diseases and Adverse Outcomes of Pregnancy

Nelope J Hitchcock, H Trent Mackay, Judith N Wasserheit
Publication Date:
May 26, 1999
Content Details:
360 pages

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    Book Summary

    This volume offers a comprehensive review of the existing knowledge about sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and adverse pregnancy outcomes. It identifies gaps in our knowledge, points out potential areas and tools for research, and discusses the implications for public health programs. Covering both those reproductive tract infections whose impact on pregnancy is clear and that are relatively well studied, as well as those reported more recently and whose adverse impacts, such as low birth weight and prematurity, are less clear, Sexually Transmitted Diseases and Adverse Outcomes of Pregnancy is valuable reading for clinical microbiologists, pediatricians, perinatologists, gynecologists, obstetricians, and infectious disease researchers.

    This title is published by the American Society of Microbiology Press and distributed by Taylor and Francis in rest of world territories.