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Immunology of Infectious Diseases

Publication Date:
November 26, 2001
Content Details:
520 pages

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  • About the Book

    Book Summary

    An integrated view of the principal aspects of immune response to all types of infectious agents, emphasizing the immune system as a host defense system. • Illustrates how the dialogue between different types of pathogens and the host immune system, as well as the cross-talk between the different members of the immune response, works. • Serves as valuable reading for microbiologists interested in pathogenesis and immunology; clinicians with an interest in immunology, virology, vaccine development, infectious diseases, bacteriology, parasitology, pathology, and cell biology; and immunologists wanting to expand their knowledge of infectious diseases and their causative agents.

    This title is published by the American Society for Microbiology Press and distributed by Taylor and Francis in rest of world territories.

  • Contents

    Table of Contents Introduction, Stefan H. E. Kaufmann, Alan Sher, and Rafi Ahmed I. The Pathogens 1. Overview of the Bacterial Pathogens, Michael Kuhn, Werner Goebel, Dana J. Philpott, and Philippe J. Sansonetti 2. Overview of the Fungal Pathogens, Luigina Romani 3. Overview of the Parasitic Pathogens, Edward J. Pearce and Rick L. Tarleton 4. Overview of the Viral Pathogens, Jonathan W. Yewdell and Jack R. Bennink II. The Anti-Infective Immune Response 5. Evolution of the Host Defense System, Austin L. Hughes III. Innate Immunity 6. Phagocytes and Anti-Infective Immunity, Gordon D. Brown and Siamon Gordon 7. Innate Immunity and Bacterial Infections, Emil Unanue 8. Defensins and Cathelicidins—Antimicrobial Peptide Effectors of Mammalian Innate Immunity, Tomas Ganz and Robert I. Lehrer 9. Innate Immunity to Parasitic Infections, Christopher A. Hunter and Alan Sher 10. Innate Immunity and Fungal Infections, Amy C. Herring and Gary B. Huffnagle 11. Innate Immunity and Viral Infections, Christine A. Biron, Marc Dalod, and Thais P. Salazar-Mather IV. Acquired Immunity 12. The Th1/Th2 Paradigm in Infections, Tim R. Mosmann and Deborah J. Fowell 13. Immunological Memory and Infection, Rafi Ahmed, J. Gibson Lanier, and Eric Pamer 14. Regional Immune Response to Microbial Pathogens, Marian R. Neutra and Jean-Pierre Kraehenbuhl 15. Acquired Immunity against Bacteria, Helen L. Collins and Stefan H. E. Kaufmann 16. Acquired Immunity against Fungi, Arturo Casadevall 17. Adaptive Immune Effector Mechanisms against Intracellular Protozoa and Gut- Dwelling Nematodes, Phillip Scott and Richard K. Grencis 18. Acquired Immunity against Viral Infections, Eva Szomolanyi-Tsuda, Michael S. Brehm, and Raymond M. Welsh V. Pathology 19. Autoimmunity as a Consequence of Infection, Kai W. Wucherpfennig and Nilufer P. Seth 20. Pathology and Pathogenesis of Bacterial Infections, Steffen Stenger and Robert Modlin 21. Pathology and Pathogenesis of Parasitic Disease, Thomas A. Wynn and Dominic Kwiatkowski 22. Pathology and Pathogenesis of Virus Infections, Shawn P. O'Neil, Wun-Ju Shieh, and Sherif R. Zaki VI. Evasion and Latency 23. Bacterial Persistence: Strategies for Survival Ernesto J. Muñoz-Elías and John D. McKinney 24. Viral Immune Evasion David C. Johnson and Grant McFadden 25. Immune Evasion by Parasites John M. Mansfield and Martin Olivier VII. Immunogenetics 26. Immunogenetics of the Host Response to Bacteria and Parasites in Humans, Laurent Abel and Jean-Laurent Casanova 27. Immunogenetics of the Host Response to Bacteria in Mice, Philippe Gros and Erwin Schurr 28. Immunogenetics of the Host Response to Viral Infections, Michel Brahic, Charles M. Bangham, Gabriel Gachelin, and Jean-François Bureau VIII. Immune Intervention 29. Immune Intervention in Tuberculosis, Douglas B. Young and Brian D. Robertson 30. Immune Intervention in AIDS, Guido Silvestri and Mark B. Feinberg