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Quinolone Antimicrobial Agents

Publication Date:
August 12, 2003
Content Details:
500 pages

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  • About the Book

    Book Summary

    An in-depth review of one of the most important classes of antimicrobial agents discovered in recent years. • Compiles the current information on a larger number of compounds and their expanding clinical applications. • Provides a knowledgeable summary of the problems and promises that quinolones hold for the scientific and clinical communities. • Includes information on the treatment of intra-abdominal infections and infections caused by intracellular pathogens and the use of fluoroquinolones in intensive care unit infections and in pediatrics. • Covers adverse effects, including QT prolongation, phototoxicity, effects on cartilage, and central nervous system effects.

    This title is published by the American Society for Microbiology Press and distributed by Taylor and Francis in rest of world territories.

  • Contents

    Table of Contents Section I. Mechanisms and Spectrum of Antibacterial Activity and Resistance 1. Structure-Activity Relationships of the Quinolone Antibacterials in the New Millennium: Some Things Changes and Some Do Not 2. Mechanisms of Quinolone Action 3. Mechanisms of Quinolone Resistance 4. Quinolones and Eukaryotic Topoisomerases 5. Activity in Vitro of the Quinolones Section II. Pharmacology 6. Pharacokinetics of Fluoroquinolones 7. Drug-Drug Interactions 8. Pharmacodynamics of Quinolone Antimicrobial Agents Section III. Clinical Applications 9. Treatment of Urinary Tract Infections 10. Use of Quinolones for Treatment of Sexually Transmitted Diseases 11. Treatment and Prophylaxis of Gastroenteritis 12. Treatment of Intra-Abdominal Infections 13. Treatment of Community-Acquired Respiratory Tract Infections 14. Treatment of Infections of the Ears, Nose, and Throat and Nasal Carriage 15. Treatment of Osteomyelitis and Septic Arthritis 16. Treatment of Experimental and Human Bacterial Endocarditis with Quinolone Antimicrobial Agents 17. Treatment of Bacterial Meningitis and Other Central Nervous Systems Infections 18. Treatment of Eye Infections 19. Treatment of Skin and Soft Tissue Infections 20. Treatment of Intracellular Infections 21. Fluoroquinolones in Intensive Care Unit Infections 22. Quinolones in Pediatrics 23. Quinolone Resistance and Its Clinical Relevance 24. Veterinary Use of Quinolones and Impact on Human Infections Section IV. Adverse and Other Effects 25. Adverse Effects 26. QT Prolongation with Quinolone Antimicrobial Agents 27. Effects on Connective Tissue Structures 28. Phototoxicity Due to Fluoroquinolones 29. Central Nervous System Toxicity 30. Effects of Quinolones on the Immune System