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Bacterial Ion Channels and Their Eukaryotic Homologs

Publication Date:
June 02, 2005
Content Details:
358 pages

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  • About the Book

    Book Summary

    A succinct summarization of the past ten years of research in the field. • Examines the accumulated knowledge of channel structures and considers how it has advanced. • Provides a historical background and presents an analysis of the structure and function of several types of channels, including potassium, ClC chloride, and sodium ion channels. • Delves into topics such as diversity of potassium channels in prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells, selectivity and permeability of bacterial ion channels, voltage- and mechano-sensing, simulation studies of ion channels using molecular modeling, and the role of bacterial ion channels in cell physiology. • Serves as an important reference for ion channel specialists and as a useful introduction to the topic for nonspecialists in such fields as microbiology, structural and developmental biology, neuroscience, and biophysics who wish to acquaint themselves with these molecules.

    This title is published by the American Society for Microbiology Press and distributed by Taylor and Francis in rest of world territories.

  • Contents

    Table of Contents 1. K+ Channels: a Survey and a Case Study of Kch of Escherichia coli, Mario Meng-Chiang Kuo, Ching Kung, and Yoshiro Saimi 2. The Ktn Domain and Its Role as a Channel and Transporter Regulator, Ian R. Booth, Michelle D. Edwards, Banuri Gunasekera, Chan Li, and Samantha Miller 3. Deciphering Steptomyces lividans KcsA as a K Channel Model, Hildgund Schrempf 4. The Molecular Basis of K+ Channel Gating, Christopher P. Ptak, Yi-Shiuan Liu, and Eduardo Perozo 5. Glutamate-Activated Channels, Indira H. Shrivastava and H. Robert Guy 6. Voltage-Gated K+ Channels, H. Robert Guy and Indira H. Shrivastava 7. Inward Rectifier K+ Channels, Indira H. Shrivastava and H. Robert Guy 8. From Prokaryotes to Eukaryotes: Molecular Modeling and Simulation Studies of Ion Channels, Philip C. Biggins, Alessandro Grottesi, and Mark S. P. Sansom 9. Towards an Understanding of Membrane Channels, Emad Tajkhorshid, Jordi Cohen, Aleksij Aksimentiev, Marcos Sotomayor, and Klaus Schulten 10. Bacterial Na Channels: Progenitors, Progeny, or Parallel Evolution? Evgeny Pavlov, Christopher Bladen, Catherine Diao, and Robert J. French 11. The CLC Family of Proteins: Chloride Transporters and Channels, Heather R. Rickard, Paul A. Bartley, Christopher J. Bagley, and Allan H. Bretag 12. The Bacterial Mechanosensitive Channel MscS and Its Extended Family, Paul Blount, Irene Iscla, Yuezhou Li, and Paul C. Moe 13. MscL, a Bacterial Mechanosensitive Channel, Sergei Sukharev, Andriy Anishkin, Chien-Sung Chiang, Monica Betanzos, and H. Robert Guy 14. The Role of Bacterial Channels in Cell Physiology, Ian R. Booth, Michelle D. Edwards, Ewan Murray, and Samantha Miller