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Food Allergy

Publication Date:
August 18, 2006
Content Details:
344 pages

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  • About the Book

    Book Summary

    Provides clinicians, scientists, educators, and regulators with an authoritative review of the field. • Combines our knowledge and hypotheses about food allergy treatments, research directions, bioinformatics tools, and industry and governmental regulation guidelines into one valuable reference. • Examines the identification and characterization of allergenic proteins within food sources, the underlying mechanisms of action, and treatment options. • Emphasizes clinical aspects of food allergy and advances in diagnosis; cutting edge immunochemical theories and molecular mechanisms; immunotherapy and the role of animal models in advancing food allergy research; the effects of food processing on allergenicity; and methods for preparing hypoallergenic foods. • Features in-depth coverage of bioinformatics tools.
  • Contents

    Table of Contents I. Clinical Aspects 1. Clinical Manifestations of Food Allergic Disease, Tamara T. Perry, Amy M. Scurlock, and Stacie M. Jones 2. Exploring Current and Novel Methods for the Detection and Diagnosis of Food Allergy: the Clinical Approach, Adriano Mari and Enrico Scala 3. The Big Eight Foods: Clinical and Epidemiological Overview, Suzanne S. Teuber, Kirsten Beyer, Sarah Comstock, and Mikha el Wallowitz II. Immunochemical Aspects 4. Molecular and Immunological Responses to Food, Victor Turcanu and Gideon Lack 5. The Relationship of T-Cell Epitopes and Allergen Structure, Samuel J. Landry III. Immunotherapy and the Role of Animal Models 6. Vaccines and Immunotherapies for Future Treatment of Food Allergy, Wesley Burks, Ariana Buchanan, and Laurent Pons 7. Animal Models for Food Allergy, Ricki M. Helm IV. Identifying and Predicting Potential Allergens: Direct Testing and Bioinformatics 8. Approaches to the Detection of Food Allergens, from a Food Science Perspective, Carmen D. Westphal 9. Predicting the Allergenicity of Novel Proteins in Genetically Modified Organisms, Richard E. Goodman and John Wise 10. Bioinformatics for Predicting Allergenicity, Steven M. Gendel 11. Structural Database of Allergenic Proteins (SDAP), Catherine H. Schein, Ovidiu Ivanciuc, and Werner Braun V. Reducing Allergenicity of the Food Supply 12. Hypoallergenic Foods beyond Infant Formulas, Peggy Ozias-Akins, Maria Laura Ramos, and Ye Chu 13. The Effects of Processing Methods on Allergenic Properties of Food Proteins, Soheila J. Maleki and Shridhar K. Sathe