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Oral Microbial Communities

Genomic Inquiry and Interspecies Communication

Publication Date:
August 02, 2011
Content Details:
440 pages

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  • About the Book

    Book Summary

    Understand how the intricacies of multispecies community life are related to human oral health.

    • Explores the immense opportunities presented by readily accessible, genetically tractable, genome-sequenced oral species that naturally form multispecies communities.
    • Highlights model systems that study oral bacterial interactions, including biofilm growth using saliva as the source of nutrition.
    • Emphasizes the use of genomic inquiry to probe the human oral microbiome.



    This title is published by the American Society of Microbiology Press and distributed by Taylor and Francis in rest of world territories.

  • Contents

    Table of Contents I. THE HUMAN ORAL MICROBIOME 1. Interspecies Interactions Promote Multispecies Communities, Paul E. Kolenbrander and Saravanan Periasamy 2. The Oral Microbiome, Kanitsak Boonanantanasarn and Steven R. Gill II. INITIAL COLONIZERS 3. Genomes of Streptococcus mitis, Streptococcus oralis, and Streptococcus infantis, Hervé S. G. Tettelin and Mogens Kilian 4. Biological Implications of the Streptococcus sanguinis Genome, Todd Kitten, Lauren Senty Turner, and Ping Xu 5. Actinomyces oris Fimbriae: an Adhesive Principle in Bacterial Biofilms and Tissue Tropism, Hung Ton-That, Asis Das, and Arunima Mishra 6. Insights into Genus Veillonella in the Genomics Era, Natalia I. Chalmers, Tsute Chen, and Christopher V. Hughes III. CROSSROADS BETWEEN HEALTH AND DISEASE 7. Fusobacteria: Bridging between Health and Disease: a Metatranscriptomic Approach, Gilad Bachrach, Shunit Coppenhagen-Glazer, and Itamar Simon 8. The Aggregatibacter actinomycetemcomitans Genome: Diversity of Pathogenic Potential, Knud Poulsen, Hervé Tettelin, and Mogens Kilian 9. Porphyromonas gingivalis: the Role of Surface Structures in Virulence and Biofilm Development, Mary Ellen Davey, Heike Boisvert, and Annette Arndt 10. Genome Functions of Tannerella forsythia in Bacterial Communities, Ashu Sharma 11. Treponomics: Treponema denticola Genome and Functions, J. Christopher Fenno 12. Candida albicans Colonization and Community Development, Howard F. Jenkinson and Carol A. Munro 13. Functional Genomics of Streptococcus mutans, Robert A. Burne, Jacqueline Abranches, Sang-Joon Ahn, Jose A. Lemos, Zezhang T. Wen, and Lin Zeng IV. INTERACTIONS WITH HOST CELLS 14. Interactions of Porphyromonas gingivalis with Human Gingival Epithelium, Özlem Yilmaz 15. Fusobacterium nucleatum Interaction with Host Cells, Yiping W. Han V. SIGNALS 16. Competence-Stimulating Peptides in Oral Bacterial Signaling: Possible Implications in a Community Life, Fernanda Cristina Petersen and Anne Aamdal Scheie 17. Autoinducer-2-Regulated Genes in Streptococcus mutans and Impact on Oral Bacterial Communities, Julie A. Perry and Dennis G. Cvitkovitch 18. Alternative Autoinducer-2 Quorum-Sensing Response Circuits: Impact on Microbial Community Development, Donald R. Demuth, Elizabeth Novak, and Hanjuan Shao VI. MULTISPECIES COMMUNITY ANALYSIS 19. Cell-Cell Contact-Induced Gene Regulation in Streptococcus gordonii-Actinomyces oris Communities, Nicholas S. Jakubovics 20. Metabolite Sensing in a Model Polymicrobial Community, Matthew Ramsey, Megan Boulette, Peter Jorth, and Marvin Whiteley 21. Heterotypic Streptococcus gordonii-Porphyromonas gingivalis Communities: Formation, Gene Regulation, and Development, Masae Kuboniwa and Richard J. Lamont 22. Antagonistic, Synergistic, and Counteroffensive Strategies for Streptococcal Interspecies Interactions, Jens Kreth, Justin Merritt, Fengxia Qi, Xiuzhu Dong, and Wenyuan Shi 23. Role for Autoinducer-2 in the Development of Commensal Streptococcal Biofilms, Alexander H. Rickard, Adam J. Underwood, and Shawn R. Campagna 24. The Streptococcus-Veillonella Community: How Genome Sequencing Aids Our Understanding of Interspecies Interaction, Fengxia Qi and Joseph J. Ferretti 25. Spatiotemporal Organization of Multispecies Communities in the Human Oral Microbiome, Robert J. Palmer, Jr., and Paul E. Kolenbrander Index