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The Immune Response to Infection

Publication Date:
November 30, 2010
Content Details:
700 pages

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  • About the Book

    Book Summary

    Examines the mechanisms of both the innate and adaptive immune systems as they relate to infection and disease.

    • Explores the underlying mechanisms of immunity and the many sequelae of host-pathogen interactions, ranging from the sterile eradication of the invader, to controlled chronic infection, to pathologic corollaries of the host-pathogen crosstalk.
    • Discusses the pathogenesis of certain autoimmune disorders and cancers that are induced by infectious agents but then become independent of the infection process.
    • Serves as a resource for immunologists, molecular microbiologists, infectious disease clinicians, researchers, and students.



    This title is published by the American Society of Microbiology Press and distributed by Taylor and Francis in rest of world territories.

  • Contents

    Table of Contents Immunology of Infectious Diseases: Introduction, Stefan H. E. Kaufmann, Barry Rouse, and David Sacks I. HOST DEFENSE: GENERAL 1. Invertebrate Innate Immune Defenses, Laure El Chamy, Charles Hetru, and Jules Hoffmann 2. The Ontogeny of the Cells of the Innate and the Adaptive Immune System, Fritz Melchers 3. The Evolutionary Origins of the Adaptive Immune System of Jawed Vertebrates, Jim Kaufman 4. Host Defense (Antimicrobial) Peptides and Proteins, Laurence Madera, Shuhua Ma, and Robert E. W. Hancock 5. Reactive Oxygen and Reactive Nitrogen Intermediates in the Immune System, Christian Bogdan 6. Complement in Infections, Wilhelm J. Schwaeble, Youssif Mohammed Ali, Nicholas J. Lynch, and Russell Wallis 7. Immune Defense at Mucosal Surfaces, Marian R. Neutra and Jean-Pierre Kraehenbuhl 8. Regulation of Antimicrobial Immunity, Yasmine Belkaid, Sharvan Sehrawat, and Barry T. Rouse 9. Memory and Infection, David Masopust and Mark K. Slifka II. THE PATHOGENS 10. Overview on the Viral Pathogens, Jonathan W. Yewdell and Jack R. Bennink 11. Overview of Parasitic Pathogens, Rick L. Tarleton and Edward J. Pearce 12. Overview of Bacterial Pathogens, Philippe J. Sansonetti and Andrea Puhar 13. Overview of Fungal Pathogens, Axel A. Brakhage and Peter F. Zipfel 14. Prionoses and the Immune System, Jürgen A. Richt and Alan Young III. INNATE IMMUNITY TO MICROBIAL INFECTIONS 15. Innate Immunity to Viruses, Akiko Iwasaki 16. Natural Killer Cell Response against Viruses, Joseph C. Sun and Lewis L. Lanier 17. Innate Immunity against Bacteria, Thomas Areschoug, Annetete Plüddemann, and Siamon Gordon 18. Innate Immunity to Parasitic Infections, Christopher A. Hunter and Alan Sher IV. ACQUIRED IMMUNITY TO MICROBIAL INFECTIONS 19. Acquired Immunity against Virus Infections, Eva Szomolanyi-Tsuda, Michael A. Brehm, and Raymond M. Welsh 20. Immune Responses to Persistent Viruses, E. John Wherry and Paul Klenerman 21. Acquired Immunity: Acute Bacterial Infections, Dennis W. Metzger 22. Acquired Immunity: Chronic Bacterial Infections, Andrea M. Cooper and Richard Robinson 23. Acquired Immunity: Fungal Infections, Luigina Romani 24. Acquired Immunity to Intracellular Protozoa, Phillip Scott and Eleanor M. Riley 25. Acquired Immunity to Helminths, David Artis and Rick M. Maizels V. PATHOLOGY AND PATHOGENESIS 26. Pathology and Pathogenesis of Bacterial Infections, Warwick J. Britton and Bernadette M. Saunders 27. Helicobacter pylori: the Role of the Immune Response in Pathogenesis, Karen Robinson and John C. Atherton 28. Pathogenesis of Helminth Infections, Thomas A. Wynn and Judith E. Allen 29. Pathology and Pathogenesis of Malaria, Chanaki Amaratunga, Tatiana M. Lopera-Mesa, Jeanette G. Tse, Neida K. Mita-Mendoza, and Rick M. Fairhurst 30. Pathology and Pathogenesis of Virus Infections, Carmen Baca Jones and Matthias von Herrath VI. EVASION AND SUPPRESSION OF THE ANTIMICROBIAL HOST RESPONSE 31. Viral Immune Invasion, Lila Farrington, Gabriela O’Neill, and Ann B. Hill 32. Growing Old and Immunity to Viruses, Janko Nikolich-Zugich and Marcia A. Blackman 33. Growing Old and Immunity to Bacteria, Joanne Turner 34. Bacterial Strategies for Survival in the Host, Anna D. Tischler and John D. McKinney 35. Suppression of Immune Responses to Protozoan Parasites, David L. Sacks 36. Immune Evasion by Parasites, John M. Mansfield and Martin Olivier VII. GENETICS OF THE ANTIMICROBIAL HOST RESPONSE 37. Genetics of Antibacterial Host Defenses, Steven M. Holland 38. Immunogenetics of Host Response to Parasites in Humans, Jenefer M. Blackwell 39. Immunogenetics of Virus Pathogenesis, Sean Wiltshire, David I. Watkins, Emil Skamene, and Silvia Vidal VIII. AUTOIMMUNITY AND CANCER 40. Viruses, Autoimmunity, and Cancer, Meghann Teague Getts, Lies Bogaert, W. Martin Kast, and Stephen D. Miller 41. The Role of Bacterial and Parasitic Infections in Chronic Inflammatory Disorders and Autoimmunity, Stefan Ehlers and Graham A. W. Rook 42. Theileria-Induced Leukocyte Transformation: an Example of Oncogene Addiction? Marie Chaussepied and Gordon Langsley IX. IMMUNE INTERVENTION 43. Systems Vaccinology: Using Functional Signatures To Design Successful Vaccines, Troy D. Querec and Bali Pulendran 44. Meeting the Challenge of Vaccine Design To Control HIV and Other Difficult Viruses, Barney S. Graham and Christopher Walker 45. Immune Intervention Strategies Against Tuberculosis, Peter Andersen and Stefan H. E. Kaufmann 46. Immune Intervention in Malaria, Carole A. Long and Fidel P. Zavala 47. Targeting Components in Vector Saliva, Mary Ann McDowell and Shaden Kamhawi X. THE MAJOR KILLERS (Clinics, Epidemiology, Immune Parameters) 48. AIDS Vaccines: the Unfolding Story, Stephen Norley 49. Tuberculosis, Gerhard Walzl, Paul van Helden, and Philip R. Botha 50. Malaria: Clinical and Epidemiological Aspects, Andrea A. Berry, Myaing M. Nyunt, and Christopher V. Plowe 51. The Epidemiology and Immunology of Influenza Viruses, Rafael A. Medina, Irene Ramos, and Ana Fernandez-Sesma