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Candida and Candidiasis

Publication Date:
December 07, 2011
Content Details:
544 pages

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  • About the Book

    Book Summary

    The underlying mechanisms of Candida and candidiasis and promising new directions in drug discovery and treatment.

    • Reviews all aspects of this common fungal pathogen and its impact on human health, from the basic biology of Candida albicans to the clinical management of candidiasis.
    • Reviews the latest basic and clinical research, focusing on findings in genome variability, host-pathogen interactions, antifungal resistance and drug discovery, and diagnostics to foster better understanding and treatment of candidiasis.
    • Examines recent discoveries that have shed light on morphogenesis and the cell cycle, including how new findings on host responses may have applications for the diagnosis of blood-borne candidiasis.



    This title is published by the American Society of Microbiology Press and distributed by Taylor and Francis in rest of world territories.

  • Contents

    Table of Contents Contributors Preface 1 Candida: What Should Clinicians and Scientists Be Talking About? Brad Spellberg, Kieren A. Marr, and Scott G. Filler SECTION I: The Organisms, Their Genomics, and Variability 2 An Introduction to the Medically Important Candida Species Gary Moran, David Coleman, and Derek Sullivan 3 Comparative Genomics of Candida Species Geraldine Butler 4 The Genetic Code of the Candida CTG Clade Ana Catarina Gomes, Gabriela R. Moura, and Manuel A. S. Santos 5 Genome Instability and DNA Repair Germán Larriba and Richard A. Calderone 6 Switching and Mating David R. Soll 7 Detection and Clinical Significance of Variability among Candida Isolates Lois L. Hoyer 8 Cell Cycle and Growth Control in Candida Species Cheryl A. Gale and Judith Berman SECTION II: Host-Pathogen Interactions (The Host) 9 Immunology of Invasive Candidiasis Luigina Romani 10 Mucosal Immunity to Candida albicans Paul L. Fidel, Jr., and Mairi C. Noverr 11 Innate Immunity to Candida Infections Mihai G. Netea and Neil A. R. Gow 12 Vaccines and Passive Immunity against Candidiasis rad Spellberg, Yue Fu, and Ashraf S. Ibrahim 13 Salivary Histatins: Structure, Function, and Mechanisms of Antifungal Activity Woon Sik Jang and Mira Edgerton SECTION III: Host-Pathogen Interactions (The Pathogen) 14 The Cell Wall: Glycoproteins, Remodeling, and Regulation Carol Munro and Mathias L. Richard 15 Stress Responses in Candida Alistair J. P. Brown, Ken Haynes, Neil A. R. Gow, and Janet Quinn 16 Adhesins in Opportunistic Fungal Pathogens Rebecca Zordan and Brendan Cormack 17 Encounters with Mammalian Cells: Survival Strategies of Candida Species Slavena Vylkova and Michael C. Lorenz 18 Gene Expression during the Distinct Stages of Candidiasis Duncan Wilson, Francois Mayer, and Bernhard Hube 19 Biofilm Formation in Candida albicans Jonathan Sewell Finkel and Aaron P. Mitchell 20 Candida spp. in Microbial Populations and Communities: Molecular Interactions and Biological Importance Amy E. Piispanen and Deborah A. Hogan 21 Back to the Future: Candida Mitochondria and Energetics Deepu Alex, Richard Calderone, and Dongmei Lee SECTION IV: Antifungal Drugs, Drug Resistance, and Discovery 22 Antifungals: Drug Class, Mechanisms of Action, Pharmacokinetics/Pharmacodynamics, Drug-Drug Interactions, Toxicity, and Clinical Use Jeniel E. Nett and David R. Andes 23 The Impact of Antifungal Drug Resistance in the Clinic Russell E. Lewis and Dimitrios P. Kontoyiannis 24 Insights in Antifungal Drug Discovery Françoise Gay-Andrieu, Jared May, Dongmei Li, Nuo Sun, Hui Chen, Richard Calderone, and Deepu Alex 25 Multidrug Resistance Transcriptional Regulatory Networks in Candida P. David Rogers and Katherine S. Barker SECTION V: Candidiasis, Evolving Diagnostics, and Treatment Paradigms 26 Mucosal Candidiasis Sanjay Revankar and Jack D. Sobel 27 Systemic Candidiasis: Candidemia and Deep-Organ Infections Cornelius J. Clancy and M. Hong Nguyen 28 New Developments in Diagnostics and Management of Invasive Candidiasis Sujatha Krishnan and Luis Ostrosky-Zeichner 29 The Epidemiology of Invasive Candidiasis Michael A. Pfaller and Daniel J. Diekema SECTION VI: Cool Tools for Research 30 Cool Tools 1: Development and Application of a Candida albicans Two-Hybrid System Bram Stynen, Patrick Van Dijck, and Hélène Tournu 31 Cool Tools 2: Development of a Candida albicans Cell Surface Protein Microarray A. Brian Mochon 32 Cool Tools 3: Large-Scale Genetic Interaction Screening in Candida albicans Yeissa Chabrier-Roselló, Anuj Kumar, and Damian Krysan 33 Cool Tools 4: Imaging Candida Infections in the Live Host Soumya Mitra, Thomas H. Foster, and Melanie Wellington 34 Cool Tools 5: The Candida albicans ORFeome Project Mélanie Legrand, Carol Munro, and Christophe d’Enfert Index