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Microbes and Evolution

The World That Darwin Never Saw

Publication Date:
May 25, 2012
Content Details:
320 pages

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  • About the Book

    Book Summary

    Explore the fundamental role of microbes in the natural history of our planet…

    • Inspired by a 2009 colloquium on microbial evolution convened at the Galapagos Islands, Microbes and Evolution continues to celebrate Charles Darwin and his landmark book On the Origin of Species.
    • Features 40 first-person essays written by microbiologists with a passion for evolutionary biology, whose thinking and career paths in science were influenced by Darwin’s seminal work.
    • Includes personal viewpoints on the importance of evolutionary principles in the study of a variety of aspects of life science, from taxonomy, speciation, adaptation, social structure, and symbiosis to antibiotic resistance, genetics, and genomics.



    This title is published by the American Society of Microbiology Press and distributed by Taylor and Francis in rest of world territories.

  • Contents

    Table of Contents Contributors ·· Preface ·· Introduction Darwin and Microbiology 1 Roberto Kolter and Stanley Maloy Chapter 1 Evolution in Action: A 50,000-Generation Salute to Charles Darwin 9 Richard E. Lenski Chapter 2 Minimal Genomes and Reducible Complexity 17 Andrés Moya Chapter 3 Lady Lumps’s Mouthguard 25 Jessica Green Chapter 4 Trying To Make Sense of the Microbial Census 31 Mitchell L. Sogin Chapter 5 The View from Below 37 Margaret Riley and Robert Dorit Chapter 6 Running Wild with Antibiotics 43 Roberto Kolter Chapter 7 Antibiotic Resistance 49 Diarmaid Hughes Chapter 8 Bacteria Battling for Survival 59 Thomas M. Schmidt Chapter 9 Phage: An Important Evolutionary Force Darwin Never Knew 65 Forest Rohwer Chapter 10 The Struggle for Existence: Mutualism 71 Paul E. Turner Chapter 11 The Secret Social Lives of Microorganisms 77 Kevin R. Foster Chapter 12 Microbes and Microevolution 85 Evgeni Sokurenko Chapter 13 Unnecessary Baggage 93 Stanley Maloy and Guido Mora Chapter 14 Bacterial Adaptation: Built-In Responses and Random Variations 99 Josep Casadesús Chapter 15 The Impact of Differential Regulation on Bacterial Speciation 109 Eduardo A. Groisman Chapter 16 An Accidental Evolutionary Biologist: GASP, Long-Term Survival, and Evolution 115 Steven E. Finkel Chapter 17 How Bacteria Revealed Darwin’s Mistake (and Got Me To Read On the Origin of Species) 123 John R. Roth Chapter 18 The Role of Conjugation in the Evolution of Bacteria 133 Fernando de la Cruz Chapter 19 Do Bacteria Have Sex? 139 Rosemary J. Redfield Chapter 20 Better than Sex 145 Harald Brüssow Chapter 21 Darwin in My Lab: Mutation, Recombination, and Speciation 151 Miroslav Radman Chapter 22 Sexual Difficulties 159 Howard Ochman Chapter 23 Unveiling Prochlorococcus: The Life and Times of the Ocean’s Smallest Photosynthetic Cell 165 Sallie W. Chisholm Chapter 24 Deciphering the Language of Diplomacy: Give and Take in the Study of the Squid-Vibrio Symbiosis 173 Margaret McFall-Ngai and Ned Ruby Chapter 25 The Tangled Banks of Ants and Microbes 181 Cameron R. Currie Chapter 26 Microbial Symbiosis and Evolution 191 Nancy A. Moran Chapter 27 Coevolution of Helicobacter pylori and Humans 197 Martin J. Blaser Chapter 28 The Library of Maynard-Smith: My Search for Meaning in the Protein Universe 203 Frances H. Arnold Chapter 29 In Pursuit of Billion-Year-Old Rosetta Stones 209 Dianne K. Newman Chapter 30 The Deep History of Life 217 Andrew H. Knoll Chapter 31 A Glimpse into Microevolution in Nature: Adaptation and Speciation of Bacillus simplex from “Evolution Canyon” 225 Johannes Sikorski Chapter 32 On the Origin of Bacterial Pathogenic Species by Means of Natural Selection: A Tale of Coevolution 233 Philippe J. Sansonetti Chapter 33 The Evolution of Diversity and the Emergence of Rules Governing Phenotypic Evolution 241 Paul B. Rainey Chapter 34 The Christmas Fungus on Christmas Island 251 Anne Pringle Chapter 35 A New Age of Naturalists 255 Rachel A. Whitaker Chapter 36 The Ship That Led to Shape 263 Kevin D. Young Chapter 37 Postphylogenetics 269 W. Ford Doolittle Chapter 38 Irreducible Complexity? Not! 275 David F. Blair and Kelly T. Hughes Chapter 39 Many Challenges to Classifying Microbial Species 281 Stephen Giovannoni