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Bacterial Stress Responses

Gisela Storz, Regine Hengge
Publication Date:
November 16, 2010
Content Details:
522 pages

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  • About the Book

    Book Summary

    Gain new insight on utilizing bacterial stress responses to better combat bacterial infection with antibiotics and improve biotechnology.

    • Reviews the vast number of new findings that have greatly advanced the understanding of bacterial stress responses in the past 10 years.
    • Explores general regulatory principles, including the latest findings from genomics studies, including new research findings on both specific and general stress responses.
    • Details how stress responses affect the interactions between bacteria and host cells and covers bacterial stress responses in different niches and communities, with an emphasis on extreme environments.



    This title is published by the American Society of Microbiology Press and distributed by Taylor and Francis in rest of world territories.

  • Contents

    Table of Contents I. General Principles 1. Structure and Evolution of Transcriptional Regulatory Networks, Guilhem Chalancon and M. Madan Babu 2. Architecture and Dynamics of Transcriptional Networks, Anat Bren and Uri Alon 3. Regulation by Alternative Sigma Factors, John D. Helmann 4. Role of Two-Component Signal Transduction Systems in Bacterial Stress Responses, Michael T. Laub 5. Roles of mRNA Stability, Translational Regulation, and Small RNAs in Stress Response Regulation, Susan Gottesman 6. Role of Proteolysis and Chaperones in Stress Response and Regulation, Kürºad Turgay II. Specific Stress Responses 7. Cellular Response to Heat Shock and Cold Shock, Bentley Lim and Carol A. Gross 8. Envelope Stress, Sarah E. Ades, Jennifer D. Hayden, and Mary E. Laubacher 9. Osmotic Stress, Janet M. Wood 10. Sensing and Responding to Reactive Oxygen and Nitrogen Species, Gisela Storz and Stephen Spiro 11. Global Responses of Bacteria to Oxygen Deprivation, Patricia J. Kiley and Timothy J. Donohue 12. Sensing Metals—the Versatility of Fur, Sun-Shin Chia, Jung-Ho Shin, and Jung-Hye Roe 13. The DNA Damage Response, Susan T. Lovett III. General Stress Responses 14. The Stringent Response, Emmanuelle Bouveret and Aurélia Battesti 15. The General Stress Response in Gram-Negative Bacteria, Regine Hengge 16. The General Stress Response in Alphaproteobacteria, Anne Francez-Charlot, Julia Frunzke, and Julia Vorholt 17. The General Stress Response in Bacillus subtilis and Related Gram-Positive Bacteria, Chester W. Price 18. Resistance of Bacterial Spores, Peter Setlow 19. Protection against Foreign DNA, Philippe Horvath and Rodolphe Barrangou 20. More than Just a Quorum: Integration of Stress and Other Environmental Cues in Acyl-Homoserine Lactone Signaling Networks, Brett Mellbye and Martin Schuster 21. Biofilms, Hera Vlamakis and Roberto Kolter 22. Persister Bacteria, Nathalie Q. Balaban IV. Pathogenic Responses 23. Bacterial Responses to the Host Cell, Alfonso Felipe-López and Michael Hensel 24. Phase Variation, Marjan W. van der Woude and Sarah E. Broadbent V. Bacteria Thriving in Stressful Environments 25. Metamicrobiology: Analyzing Microbial Behavior at the Community Level, Jo Handelsman 26. Life at the Extremes of Temperature, Charles Gerday 27. Comparative Genomics of Stress Response Systems in Deinococcus Bacteria, Kira S. Makarova and Michael J. Daly VI. Applications of Stress Response Studies 28. Redox Mechanisms and Reactive Oxygen Species in Antibiotic Action and Resistance, Inas J. Radhi and Gerard D. Wright 29. Applications of Stress Response Studies: Biofuel Production, James B. McKinlay and Caroline S. Harwood 30. Microbial Bioremediation of Chemical Pollutants: How Bacteria Cope with Multi-Stress Environmental Scenarios, Victor De Lorenzo and Herminia Loza-Tavera