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Regulation of Bacterial Virulence

Publication Date:
December 05, 2012
Content Details:
620 pages

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  • About the Book

    Book Summary

    A comprehensive compendium of scholarly contributions relating to bacterial virulence gene regulation.

    • Provides insights into global control and the switch between distinct infectious states (e.g., acute vs. chronic).
    • Considers key issues about the mechanisms of gene regulation relating to: surface factors, exported toxins and export mechanisms.
    • Reflects on how the regulation of intracellular lifestyles and the response to stress can ultimately have an impact on the outcome of an infection.
    • Highlights and examines some emerging regulatory mechanisms of special significance.
    • Serves as an ideal compendium of valuable topics for students, researchers and faculty with interests in how the mechanisms of gene regulation ultimately affect the outcome of an array of bacterial infectious diseases.



    This title is published by the American Society of Microbiology Press and distributed by Taylor and Francis in rest of world territories.

  • Contents

    Table of Contents I. Global Changes during and between Different states of Infections 1. Factors That Impact Pseudomonas aeruginosa Biofilm Structure and Function • 3 Boo Shan Tseng and Matthew R. Parsek 2. Chronic versus Acute Pseudomonas aeruginosa Infection States • 21 Barbara I. Kazmierczak and Thomas S. Murray 3. Quorum Sensing in Burkholderia • 40 Charlotte D. Majerczyk, E. Peter Greenberg, and Josephine R. Chandler 4. Staphylococcus aureus Pathogenesis and Virulence Factor Regulation • 58 Victor J. Torres, Meredith A. Benson, and Jovanka M. Voyich 5. Regulation of Virulence by Iron in Gram-Positive Bacteria • 79 Allison J. Farrand and Eric P. Skaar 6. Iron Regulation and Virulence in Gram- Negative Bacterial Pathogens with Yersinia pestis as a Paradigm • 106 Robert D. Perry and Kathleen A. McDonough II. Adherence, Colonization, and Surface Factors 7. Uropathogenic Escherichia coli Virulence and Gene Regulation • 135 Drew J. Schwartz and Scott J. Hultgren 8. Phasevarions: an Emerging Paradigm in Epigenetic Gene Regulation in Host-Adapted Mucosal Pathogens • 156 Yogitha N. Srikhanta, Ian R. Peak, and Michael P. Jennings 9. Regulation of Exopolysaccharide Biosynthesis in Pseudomonas aeruginosa • 171 Yuta Okkotsu, Christopher L. Pritchett, and Michael J. Schurr 10. Regulation of Pneumococcal Surface Proteins and Capsule • 190 Abiodun D. Ogunniyi and James C. Paton 11. Regulation of Lipopolysaccharide Modifications and Antimicrobial Peptide Resistance • 209 Erica N. Kintz, Daniel A. Powell, Lauren Hittle, Joanna B. Goldberg, and Robert K. Ernst III. Toxins and Associated Virulence Factor Production 12. Toxin and Virulence Regulation in Vibrio cholerae • 241 Karen Skorupski and Ronald K. Taylor 13. Virulence Gene Regulation in Bacillus anthracis and Other Bacillus cereus Group Species • 262 Jennifer L. Dale and Theresa M. Koehler 14. Regulation of Extracellular Toxin Production in Clostridium perfringens • 281 Jackie K. Cheung, Lee-Yean Low, Thomas J. Hiscox, and Julian I. Rood 15. Regulation of Toxin Production in Clostridium difficile • 295 Glen P. Carter, Kate E. Mackin, Julian I. Rood, and Dena Lyras 16. Anthrax and Iron • 307 Paul E. Carlson, Jr., Shandee D. Dixon, and Philip C. Hanna IV. Protein Export and Intracellular Life within the Host 17. Regulation of the Expression of Type III Secretion Systems: an Example from Pseudomonas aeruginosa • 317 Audrey Le Gouellec, Benoit Polack, Dakang Shen, and Bertrand Toussaint 18. Regulation of Bacterial Type IV Secretion • 335 Jenny A. Laverde-Gomez, Mayukh Sarkar, and Peter J. Christie 19. PrfA and the Listeria monocytogenes Switch from Environmental Bacterium to Intracellular Pathogen • 363 Bobbi Xayarath and Nancy E. Freitag 20. The SsrAB Virulon of Salmonella enterica • 386 Sandra Billig, Alfonso Felipe-López, and Michael Hensel 21. Francisella tularensis: Regulation of Gene Expression, Intracellular Trafficking, and Subversion of Host Defenses • 402 Nrusingh P. Mohapatra, Shipan Dai, and John S. Gunn V. Stress Response during Infection 22. Regulation of Salmonella Resistance to Oxidative and Nitrosative Stress • 425 Calvin A. Henard and Andrés Vázquez-Torres 23. Regulation of Vesicle Formation • 441 Aimee K. Wessel, Gregory C. Palmer, and Marvin Whiteley 24. Regulation of Envelope Stress Responses by Mycobacterium Tuberculosis • 465 Daniel J. Bretl and Thomas C. Zahrt VI. Emerging Regulatory Mechanisms of Special Significance 25. Regulatory Mechanisms of Special Significance: Role of Small RNAs in Virulence Regulation • 493 Kai Papenfort, Colin P. Corcoran, Sanjay K. Gupta, Masatoshi Miyakoshi, Nadja Heidrich, Yanjie Chao, Kathtrin S. Fröhlich, Cynthia M. Sharma, Wilma Ziebuhr, Alex Böhm, and Jörg Vogel 26. Negative Regulation during Bacterial Infection • 528 Andrew M. Stern, Ansel Hsiao, and Jun Zhu 27. Regulation in Response to Host-Derived Signaling Molecules • 545 Charley Gruber and Vanessa Sperandio 28. Regulating the Transition of Vibrio cholerae out of the Host • 566 EmilyKate McDonough, Evan Bradley, and Andrew Camilli