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World Food and You

Nan F Unklesbay
Publication Date:
June 25, 1992
Content Details:
426 pages

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  • About the Book

    Book Summary

    As environmental issues become the global issues of the 90s and beyond, World Food and You assists readers with a personal understanding of how food supply and consumption and agriculture and the environment are related. Few issues are more vital to the well-being of the world population than the food we eat. More often than not, food is the largest industry in most countries, and all persons need to achieve sustenance for growth and maintenance from food. World Food and You helps readers understand the concept of world food as different for each society and consequently assists readers with greater understanding of domestic food issues and policies.

    Author Nan Unklesbay focuses on the positive results of research as she explores the vast realm of world food production. She looks at the science behind agricultural production, processing, and consumption, considering how plants grow and are used for human food, animal feed, and herbal medicine. She does not bog down the reader with equations and complex physiology and biochemistry of human nutrition needs. She even explores growing livestock and wildlife and consuming insects for human nutrition.

    This enjoyable and easy-to-read book also includes important political and economic issues and other current issues affecting the present situation and influencing the future of world food and its production.

    Speaking directly to the reader, Unklesbay helps readers identify with statistics in the book, creating a greater understanding of how each person affects and is affected by the world food situation. World population growth is not expected to level off until early in the 22nd century, possibly reaching as high as 14 billion, an increase of 37 over today's population. World Food and You emphasizes that as individuals become knowledgeable on the topics of food production, supply, and consumption, our potential lack of natural resources could become alleviated. Unklesbay motivates readers to become informed and to be ready to make a difference in their own countries’food situation.

    From reading World Food and You, readers will have an awareness of the role of food in their daily lives. The numerous citations of specific countries and their food situations will aid undergraduate students in courses related to development, economics, world food, and hunger. Educators at all levels, political scientists, agronomists, and international development agencies like the Peace Corps and UNICEF, and church workers engaged in hunger and development programs will find World Food and You a positive approach to complex global food production and nutrition situations.
  • Contents

    • Part I: Global Food Production and You
    • World Population and Food
    • Global Food Production
    • Global Food Marketing
    • The Global Food Problem and Foreign Aid
    • Part II: Agricultural Production, Processing, and Consumption and You
    • Production of Plants and Crops
    • Production of Animals: Livestock, Wildlife, and Insects
    • Global Fish and Shellfish Production
    • Food Processing Industries
    • Food Distribution, Consumption, and Losses
    • Part III: Nutrition and You
    • Essential Human Nutrients
    • Ramifications of Malnutrition
    • Part IV: Current Food Issues and You
    • Biotechnology and Agricultural Production
    • Chemicals in the Food Supply
    • Global Warming and Agriculture
    • World Food: Research, Policies, and Actions
    • Appendix A: FAO Country Classifications
    • Appendix B: Career Opportunities in International Agriculture
    • Index