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Herbs, Spices, and Medicinal Plants: Recent Advances in Botany, Horticulture, and Pharmacology, Volu

Recent Advances in Botany, Horticulture, and Pharmacology, Volume 4

James E Simon, Lyle E Craker
Publication Date:
January 01, 1989
Content Details:
282 pages

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  • About the Book

    Book Summary

    As in previous volumes, readers will find a multidisciplinary forum for communicating knowledge related to the botany, horticulture, and pharmacology of herbs, spices, and medicinal plants. While magical and mystical powers have been associated with these plants through the ages, continued investigations in such areas as production, nomenclature, uses, chemical constitution, and dynamics help elucidate the affiliated chemical and physical processes that contribute to their unique flavor, fragrance, pharmacological, and other bioactive properties. This collection of articles examines the potential of natural products as pesticides, the richness of the Chinese Pharmacopeia, the similarities of Eastern Asian and Eastern North American medicinal plants, the use of borage as a source of gamma linolenic acid, and the botanical nomenclature of medicinal plants.
  • Contents

    Contents The Potential of Pesticides from Plants
    • Excerpts of the Chinese Pharmacopoeia
    • Phytogeographic and Botanical Considerations of Medicinal Plants in Eastern Asia and Eastern North America
    • Borage: A Source of Gamma Linolenic Acid
    • Botanical Nomenclature of Medicinal Plants
    • Index