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Bioinformatics Databases

Design, Implementation, and Usage

Sorin Draghici
Publication Date:
February 25, 2013
Content Details:
406 pages | 20 illustrations

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  • About the Book

    Book Summary

    Unlike most existing texts that either focus on algorithms or on teaching the user how to navigate through specific existing databases, Bioinformatics Databases: Design, Implementation, and Usage provides comprehensive coverage of all aspects of bioinformatics databases. This book presents database schemas, code, website links to various databases, and sample applications that connect to these databases. Additional topics include genomic databases, database design issues, integration of databases, as well as current data formats and standards. The text also addresses software design issues and offers practical examples of the design and implementation of bioinformatics databases and tools.


    • Provides comprehensive coverage of bioinformatics databases
    • Identifies common problems and approaches to solving them across implementations
    • Presents database schemas, code, URLs of various databases, and sample applications
    • Addresses design, implementation, maintenance, and usage of databases
  • Contents

    Introduction. Genomic Databases. Existing Databases. Current Data Formats and Standards. Database Design Issues. Integration of Databases. Software Design Issues. Practical Example of Design and Implementation of Bioinformatics Databases and Tools.