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Methods of Neuroimaging

An Introductory Guide

Julian Paul Keenan
Publication Date:
January 15, 2017
Content Details:
304 pages

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  • About the Book

    Book Summary

    Neuroimaging has become a cornerstone of brain research, and it has simply become impossible to study or conduct research in these disciplines at almost any level without encountering neuroimaging techniques on a daily basis. Methods of Neuroimaging: An Introductory Guide is designed to fill a significant gap in the literature by providing a broad, general introduction to the applications, techniques, comparative advantages, and other issues involved in neuroimaging.

    This book covers all of the major techniques in use today, methods that every student will either read about or employ. The book is broken into chapters that examine each of the techniques in depth, with the goal of providing a working knowledge of each technique. Starting with the historical precedent of each method, the book moves to a step-by-step guide to each technique and its key advantages and key disadvantages. Accompanying each technique are a couple of key studies that demonstrate how the use of that technique led to significant breakthroughs in research or clinical application. The uniform nature of the chapters will provide an easy comparison between the techniques.

    This would be ideal as a main text for a cognitive neuroimaging class. It could be used as a supplemental text in classes such as physiological psychology, biopsychology, neuropsychology, cognitive science, introduction to neurology, abnormal neurology, neuroscience, and psychiatric methods.