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The Student's Guide to Cognitive Neuroscience

Jamie Ward
Publication Date:
January 21, 2015
Content Details:
536 pages | 265 illustrations

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  • About the Book

    Book Summary

    Reflecting recent changes in the way cognition and the brain are studied, this thoroughly updated third edition of the best-selling textbook provides a comprehensive and student-friendly guide to cognitive neuroscience. Jamie Ward provides an easy-to-follow introduction to neural structure and function, as well as all the key methods and procedures of cognitive neuroscience, with a view to helping students understand how they can be used to shed light on the neural basis of cognition.

    The book presents an up-to-date overview of the latest theories and findings in all the key topics in cognitive neuroscience, including vision, memory, speech and language, hearing, numeracy, executive function, social and emotional behaviour and developmental neuroscience, as well as a new chapter on attention. Throughout, case studies, newspaper reports and everyday examples are used to help students understand the more challenging ideas that underpin the subject.

    In addition each chapter includes:

      • Summaries of key terms and points
      • Example essay questions
      • Recommended further reading
      • Feature boxes exploring interesting and popular questions and their implications for the subject.

    Written in an engaging style by a leading researcher in the field, and presented in full-color including numerous illustrative materials, this book will be invaluable as a core text for undergraduate modules in cognitive neuroscience. It can also be used as a key text on courses in cognition, cognitive neuropsychology, biopsychology or brain and behavior. Those embarking on research will find it an invaluable starting point and reference.

    The Student’s Guide to Cognitive Neuroscience, 3rd Edition is supported by a companion website, featuring helpful resources for both students and instructors.


      Presented in attractive full colour

      Coverage of all the key topics in cognition, and cognitive neuroscience methods, specifically tailored to undergraduate needs

      Richly illustrated and engagingly written to capture students' attention

      Has been particularly praised for the clear way it explains the complex techniques and methodologies of Cognitive Neuroscience

      Pedagogical features include: key terms definitions, chapter and key point summaries, example essays questions, recommended further reading

      Accompanied by a companion website featuring free online resources for both instructors and students, to include chapter-by-chapter PowerPoint lecture course, Multiple-Choice question bank, and more.

      Written in US spelling and with international examples used throughout, the book should appeal to an international audience

      Can be used for 2nd year compulsory modules (as well as year 3 optional)

  • Contents

    1. Introducing Cognitive Neuroscience. 2. Introducing the Brain. 3. The Electrophysiological Brain. 4. The Imaged Brain. 5. The Lesioned Brain. 6. The Seeing Brain. 7. The Attending Brain. 8. The Acting Brain. 9. The Remembering Brain. 10. The Hearing Brain. 11. The Speaking Brain. 12. The Literate Brain. 13. The Numerate Brain. 14. The Executive Brain. 15. The Social and Emotional Brain. 16. The Developing Brain.