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Unbiased Stereology

Three-Dimensional Measurement in Microscopy

Vyvyan Howard, Matthew Reed
Publication Date:
October 27, 2004
Content Details:
277 pages

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  • About the Book

    Book Summary

    Unbiased Stereology, Second Edition is a practical guide to making unbiased 3-D measurements via the microscope. Only those stereological techniques which have been tried and tested by real application are included. Although this technology is essentially mathematical and statistical, the authors do not immerse the reader in complex analysis, but rather provide simple heuristic explanations and references to the original proof, and illustrate the theory by analogies drawn from everyday experience.

    To give practical experience in application of the techniques, exercises are provided at the end of each chapter, complete with detailed worked answers.


      "Now that unbiased stereology is required for nerve-cell counts in neurobiology by the FDA and by many journals before the acceptance of an article or study, this book is essential reading." Chemistry - Springer 1998-99;

      "Howard & Reed have succeeded in their aim to produce an accessible, practical guide to stereology. Unbiased Stereology, Second Edition is a must-read text for histology neophytes, particularly those embarking upon experiments that involve quantification of structures of their specimens. Unbiased Stereology, Second Edition is an essential introductory guide to quantitative histology using validated stereological techniques." Scanning - Doube 2006;

  • Contents

    1. Concepts  2. Random Sampling and Random Geometry  3. Estimation of Reference Volume using the Cavalieri Method  4. Estimation of Component and Volume Fraction 5. Number Estimation 6. Estimation of Total Surface Area and Surface Density 7. Length Estimation 8. Stereological Analysis of Layered Structures 9. Particle Sizing 10. Statistics for Stereologists 11. Single-object stereology 12. 'Petri-metrics' 13. Second-order Stereology Appendix A. Practical Gadgets for Stereology Appendix B. Set of Stereological Grids Appendix C. Worked Answers to Exercises Appendix D. Useful Addresses