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Gene Transfer to Animal Cells

Publication Date:
December 23, 2004
Content Details:
256 pages

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  • About the Book

    Book Summary

    Gene transfer to animal cells was first achieved more than thirty years ago. Since then, transformation technology has developed rapidly, resulting in a multitude of techniques for cell transformation and the creation of transgenic animals. As with any expanding technology, it becomes difficult to keep track of all the developments and to find a concise and comprehensive source of information that explains all the underlying principles.

    Gene Transfer to Animals Cells addresses this problem by describing the principles behind gene transfer technologies, how gene expression is controlled in animal cells and how advanced strategies can be used to add, exchange or delete sequences from animal genomes in a conditional manner. A final chapter provides an overview of all the applications of animal cell transformation in farming, medicine and research.

  • Contents

    1. Basic Principles of Gene Transfer  2. Chemical and Physical Transfection  3. Cell-Mediated Gene Transfer  4. Gene Transfer using Viral Vectors  5. Genetic Manipulation of Animals  6. Gene Targeting in Animal Cells  7. Control of Transgene Expression  8. Transgene Behaviour  9. Additional Strategies for Transgene Inactivation  10. Applications of Gene Transfer