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BIOS Instant Notes in Inorganic Chemistry

Tony Cox
Publication Date:
December 18, 2003
Content Details:
304 pages

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  • About the Book

    Book Summary

    Instant Notes in Inorganic Chemistry, second edition has been fully updated and new material added on developments in noble-gas chemistry and the synthesis, reactions and characterization of inorganic compounds. New chapters cover the classification of inorganic reaction types concentrating on those useful in synthesis; techniques used in characterizing compounds, including elemental analysis; spectroscopic methods (IR, NMR) and structure determination by X-ray crystallography; and the factors involved in choosing appropriate solvents for synthetic reactions.

    The new edition continues to provide concise coverage of inorganic chemistry at an undergraduate level, offering easy access to all important areas of inorganic chemistry in a format which is ideal for learning and rapid revision.


      A brief and very readable overview of most of the major concepts covered in inorganic chemistry can be a very attractive supplement to a course in inorganic chemistry. (Journal of Chemical Education: Vol. 82. No. 2: February 2005)

      I would confidently recommend this book as an inexpensive supplemental tect for an upper-level inorganic chemistry course. Students will benefit from the concise explanations of the concepts and will not get bogged down by cumbersome calculations. (Journal of Chemical Education: Vol. 82. No. 2: February 2005)

  • Contents

    A. Atomic structure. B. Introduction to inorganic substances. C. Structure and bonding in molecules. D. Structure and bonding in solids. E. Chemistry in solution. F. Chemistry nf Nonmetals. G. Chemistry of non-transition metals. H. Chemistry of transition metals. I. Lanthandines and actinides. J. Environmental, biological and industrial aspects.  Further Reading.  Appendiz I - The elements 1-103.  Appendix II - The Periodic Table of Elements.  Index.