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Molecular Toxicology

Publication Date:
September 04, 2003
Content Details:
164 pages

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  • About the Book

    Book Summary

    Molecular Toxicology is a concise introduction to the subject, taking the reader through the theoretical principles of toxicology followed by specific examples. In the first section, the concepts behind possible mechanisms of toxicity are described (e.g. the specific enzyme or receptor system) using examples where appropriate. Following this a series of examples are used to show the extension of concept into the real world, in an organ specific manner. The book concludes with a section outlining toxicity assessment methods, where the impact of molecular biology is having a considerable impact, including DNA microarrays, proteomics and bioinformatics.


      • Previous textbooks are out of date and do not contain sufficient description of new concepts, e.g. genomics and proteomics.
      • The book provides the opportunity to address application of technology to toxicolgy.
      • Due to advances of drug design and combinational chemistry, toxicology is becoming a progessively proactive too. This book is therefore a timely intrduction to the subject.


      "For such a small text the author should be congratulated in his skill at accurately honing decades of work into a few pages" (The British Toxicology Society Newsletter: Winter 2004: Issue 25).
  • Contents

    1. General Concepts in Toxicology 2. Role of Phase I Metabolism in Toxicology 3. Role of Phase II Metabolism in Toxicity 4. Coordinated Responses to Toxicity 5. Toxicity Case Studies 6. The Real World - Complex Mixtures 7. Role of Genetics in Toxic Response 8. Technologies for Toxicity Assessment