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Nanobiotechnology in Molecular Diagnostics

Current Techniques and Applications

Publication Date:
November 17, 2005
Content Details:
200 pages

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  • About the Book

    Book Summary

    Molecular diagnostics has evolved rapidly during the past decade and has an impact on the practice of medicine as well as many other applications including drug discovery. This book gives an introduction to nanobiotechnology relevant to molecular diagnostics, a field that has been termed nanodiagnostics. The current state of development of nanodiagnostic technologies including nanobiochips and nanobiosensors is reviewed. Besides important applications in clinical diagnostics, the role of molecular diagnostics in drug discovery is also described.

    The book is a useful book for those developing nanobiotechnology, clinical laboratories, researchers in molecular diagnostics and scientists involved in drug discovery in the pharmaceutical industry. Financiers of nanotechnology have a scientific interest in the new developments and this book will be a source of useful information including the development of technologies in the commercial sector.


    • Nanotechnology is a new discipline with a huge potential for applications in medicine.
    • This book explores the application of nanotechnology to clinical diagnostics and drug discovery.
    • The author describes the theory and applications of nanobiochips, nanobiosensors and other nano-technologies relevant to the diagnosis of disease.
  • Contents

    1. Basics of Molecular Diagnostics  2. Basics of Nanobiotechnology  3. Nanomolecular Diagnostics  4. Nanobiochips/Nanoarrays for Molecular Diagnostics  5. Nanobiosensors  6. Pharmaceutical Applications of Nanodiagnostics  7. Clinical Applications of Nanodiagnostics  8. Commercial Aspects of Nanomolecular Diagnostics  9. Concluding Remarks and Future Prospects of Nanodiagnostics