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The Biofilm Mode of Life

Mechanisms and Adaptations

Publication Date:
June 07, 2007
Content Details:
300 pages

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  • About the Book

    Book Summary

    A biofilm is a complex aggregation of microbes usually attached to a solid surface. Traditional studies of bacteria sometimes implied that microbes live as single organisms; it is now clear that in nature microbes usually live in co-operative groups attached to surfaces. This book, written by leading international scientists, presents an overview of the most recent and exciting new research into the mechanisms that underpin the biofilm mode of life. Essential reading for anyone interested in biofilms.

  • Contents

    1. Introduction  2. The Biofilm Mode of Life  3. Do Not Fear Commitment: The Initial Transition to a Surface Lifestyle by Pseudomonads  4. The Biofilm Matrix: A Sticky Framework  5. Cyclic di-GMP as an Intracellular Signal Regulating Bacterial Biofilm Formation  6. N-Acylhomoserine Lactones, Quorum Sensing and Biofilm Development in Gram-Negative Bacteria  7. Signaling in Escherichia coli Biofilms  8. Peptide Signaling  9. Differentiation and Dispersal in Biofilms  10. Human Oral Multi-Species Biofilms: Bacterial Communities in Health and Disease  11. Biofilms as Refuge Against Predation  12. Biofilms on Plant Surfaces  13. Bacterial Biofilms on Fungal Surfaces